Readhead XPS 34 String/End Stop??


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    Readhead XPS 34 String/End Stop??

    I recently bought a used Redhead XPS 34 bow, I was told it's a '09 model. I have been looking for a string stop to put on it, but all of the after market stops I found seem to be pretty bulky and most are front mounts. Does anyone know if there is a string stop made that would be rear mount for this bow? From what I've been told Reflex made this bow. I saw a Reflex Charger online that looked similar to mine with a string stop and was wondering if that string stop would work on mine and where i might get one. Thanks for the help.

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    I believe Redheads are made by Bowtech. And check out or ************.com. They both make suppressors, mean v make carbon rod custom suppressors.

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    the redhead XPS was last made i think it was 2007 or maybe 2008...i know it wasn't 2009..yes it was made by reflex which was part of Hoyt. nice bow....look at the Backstop by Vibracheck....they come standard on PSE's

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    xps 34 is made by hoyt/reflex and sold by Basspro from 2006-2008, until bass pro started carrying the toxic and kronik which are made by Bowtech. You can check the Vibracheck or sts string stopper.

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