Disappearing Deer???


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    Disappearing Deer???

    After watching a lot of deer and seeing nice pics all summer, they seem to have disappeared in the last two weeks. I have stands on clover plots and in Oak stands...still nothing... I have moved here recently, could this be a reaction to severe hunting pressure in the area or should I relax and look forward to seeing more as the season progressess????Oneida

    PS... I am in SW Pennsylvania

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    i always see less and less deer as the season approaches while i'm scouting the fields from a distance. They stop hitting the fields as much once the acorns start dropping. are you seeing less deer INSIDE the woods?

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    A lot changes when that velvet comes off, and the groups break-up.

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    I am also in SW Pennsylvania. I saw daytime movement, especially by bucks, grind to a halt once guys started moving around in the woods scouting and setting stands. Night activity by mature bucks is also down as I only got a couple of pictures of good bucks despite running seven cameras.

    Don't expect a ton of action until the rut starts going, or after a significant weather event like we experienced today.

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    Yep it's that time of year where the deer are changing their patterns. About 2 weeks ago also I stopped getting pictures of my usual bucks in NE PA. They're still there, you just have to figure out where. Usually right about now our deer leave the clover and start hitting the corn hard and the bachelor groups will break up. Look for food sources and well used trails, you'll find them again. I don't think it has anything to do with hunting pressure (right now anyways). We've been planting food plots, scouting, putting up stands, etc all summer and we still got plenty of pictures.
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    They're hiding tight here. Lots of deer out there I know but you sure don't see them.
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