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Thread: 2010 AZ vs. CA Duel in the Desert: Open Tourney, Guest Welcome

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    2010 AZ vs. CA Duel in the Desert: Open Tourney, Guest Welcome

    The AZ vs CA Duel is November 6-7, 2010 at the Ben Avery FITA range, home of the 2011 AAE Arizona Cup, Phoenix. The tournament is an open tournament. Non Duel Team members are invited to take part.
    2010 Duel registration and information:

    The Arizona State Archery Association is proud to announce the 2010 Arizona Duel in the Desert Team:

    The trials took place at Ben Avery on October 2nd and 3rd at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility FITA range. The tourney was hosted by Desert Sky Archers and Paseo Vista Archery club with registration and planning by Mike Cullumber and tourney day work led by Lynn Van Patter and family. Boy Scout troop 747, the minute men, provided grilled burger, bratwurst and hot dog meal deals for lunch that was a big hit. Officials were DOS, Mike Cullumber, COJ Mike Braunstein and judges, Boni Lowney, Tina Blake and Paula Simpson.

    Both days were warm and sunny with breezy afternoons. The year has also been bumper crop for thorny stickers that found their way on to everyone’s closed toe shoes.
    The tourney was an open tournament with competitors ranging from Bowman to 70+ Masters.

    2010 AZ Trials result are listed here:

    Archive 2010 AT Duel Trails info
    Serious Fun...
    Bob Pian, Judge, Coach, AZJOAD Events - -

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    The 2010 Duel in the Desert is an open tournament on November 6 & 7 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (BASF).
    Arizona and California teams have been picked.

    The last day for mail-in registration is Monday, November 1 (postmarked). The last day for on-line registration is Thursday, November 4th at 5:00pm (credit card only).

    Roster and registration links can be found on this page:
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    Almost 100 archers took part in the 2010 Duel in the Desert in AZ. The California men are dominating. The CA women have a small lead over the AZ women. Duel team match points were displayed on score flip cards at the targets and team total points displayed in leader board fashion. Weather was nice and breezy. The scouts provided a BBQ lunch.

    On Sunday, almost double the number of team points are avaiable. Lets see what happens.
    Serious Fun...
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    Weather was beautiful!. Competition was fun and friendly. California wins Overall, Men’s Duel in the Desert 2010 competition. The Women’s team competition went back and forth between AZ and CA and ended with a CA women team win for a CA sweep the competition. On Sunday, score card were being turned in by 2 PM (1 PM CA time) to allow CA team members ample time to drive home.

    The current Duel format is due for some updating as the focus of FITA archery evolves. The competition can be made to be more relevant and entertaining for all. Masters are a growing population. It is also time to equalize the number of recurve and compound archers. Team rounds would be a welcome addition provide an activity for Saturday PM. Having match pairings change each day would help provide more variety and fun for all.
    Serious Fun...
    Bob Pian, Judge, Coach, AZJOAD Events - -

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