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Thread: Wolf-archery??

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    I've been thinking about buying a bow from them, a friend got one but he hasn't used it yet. It looks and feels great, but I think something must be wrong for them to be so cheap.


    Does anyone know anything of these bows? Positive or negative reviews?

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    We have a company here in Estonia "Falco" when I first met the owner he sold very cheap low end Bows, they shot fine just not the same quality as the high end custom bows available, he now exports well over a 1000 bows a year.

    He now produces quite a range of Bows from lower end market to quite nice performing carbon backed bows, this year people have shot his Falco bows have won IFAA European Bowhunter champs Ladies Longbow, IFAA World Field Champs Mens Longbow and looked like some guy was going to win at Fita European 3D champs last week but just got beat on last round and took bronze.

    If youre just venturing into Longbow it best to buy a cheaper prodution bow till you find your feet and decide what you really want/need but I think like the Falco bows as long as the bow is well constructed and tillered correctly, then it really comes down to the person behind the string.

    I've not heard anything negative about Whitewolf Bows and sounds like a good choice for first Longbow

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    They appear to be selfbows. Selfbows cost just the lumber, so making one costs less than making a fiberglass laminated bow. Likewise, he seems to be using good lumber, so it's just a matter of cutting to shape, tillering, and finishing out- alot like a fiberglass bow is built. Without any overhead, that's probably not a big deal for him to charge so little. He can probably make two or three bows a day at the same time, and it might only take him a few days to make the bow. So in the end he'd still get about $75-$100 a day making them. Doesn't seem that bad to me!

    That being said, and this is the bowyer in me talking so take it for what it's worth, I wouldn't go that route. The design of those bows doesn't seem to be built for the best performance from an all wood bow. Likewise, selfbows require more care and can degrade if not designed and cared for. For the money, if you wanted to, you could probably make your own fiberglass laminated longbow with Binghams instructions and it would perform about the same but take alot more abuse. Or if you wanted to go low cost, just make your own selfbow for pocket change!

    But I build bows and my opinions should all be taken with a grain of salt!
    Omega Longbows

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