Best Bow for Beginner 14 year old???


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    Best Bow for Beginner 14 year old???

    My son is 14, but small stature, only weighs about 100# and is 5' 2" tall. He is interesting in archery and wants a bow for Christmas. He just wants to target shoot, not hunt. I'm wondering what the best bow to start him out on is. Any input is appreciated! Been looking at the Mathews Genesis compound vs. recurve???

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    Diamond the rock. I think its 18-28 Dl it can grow with him for many years to come

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    A bow that has the right draw length, right pull weight and what he likes that fits the budget. There are many bows out there that are great and would make a good first bow. Buy one with modules or some sort of draw length adjustment that will fit a growing young male. I would look at something like the Hoyt Rampage, but there are many out there to look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asmalloo View Post
    Diamond the rock. I think its 18-28 Dl it can grow with him for many years to come
    Good choice, you could also check out the new Mission Craze, goes from like 17lbs up to 70lbs. Lots of draw length adjustment too.
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    PSE chaos si. 17-27in dl and 30-40 or 40-50. Great beginner.
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    diamond razors edge, not the smoothest, nicest, or best bow, but it is one of the best as far as adjustability. It's great to start out with. If he is interested in target don't skimp on a sight but wait until he gets really into it. Sights can be transfered from bow to bow and still be sighted in for each one.

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    My daughter has a Bear Ultralight, many DL's available, we also considered the Bear Youn Gun.

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