range finder questions


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    range finder questions

    can a person use a golf range finder and achieve the same or close to the same results as a more expensive hunting range finder? if anyone can help please repond... thanks tony from missouri

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    sorry but the answer is no, because a golf rangefinder is specially made for a 6 foot pin not a 3 to 4 ft tall deer, wen u use a golf rangefinder u first find teh pin tehn line it up with the chart to the right that has yardage listings and if i tis 200 yrds away teh pin will be fairly small and the top of the 6 ft tall pin will line up with the 200 yrd dash now you could have a deer right next to the pin and it would only say its about 120 yrds away or less. it just doesnt work

    ---70 <!
    ----50 ! see how it says the pin is about 70 b
    ---30 ! 1~1 <<deer but it says the deer is only bout 40
    ^ this is why it wouldnt work b/c the
    golf pin^ golf ransgefinder is manufactured
    just for golfing..

    hope i wasnt too confusing,,,chase

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    i knew it would be too go to be true.

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