Indiana Rut? Whats Going On??


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    Indiana Rut? Whats Going On??

    Hopefully not alot.... Im usually able to hunt a few times during the week, but this week my wife works everyday until late and this hour time change has really screwed me over. I'm hunting this weekend on the gun opener.... bow will be in hand as well as the smokepole for bucks out of range of bow. Hopefully I'll even just see a buck, I have not seen a SINGLE buck this year yet. Usually when I go this long without getting a deer in season I dont get a deer at all.... goodluck all!!

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    They are chasing a little here in NW Indiana... some are locked down...some are just cruising...There are some mornings/afternoons where, like you, I haven't seen anything at all, and others in the past week where I was covered with them. Yesterday morn... I shot a nice 8pt and a doe. Rut story with the pics team 29 You are on my team too right? Go check it out. They are rutting for sure.

    My brother saw 3-5 different shooters on our other farm too in the last 3 days. Some were with does, some were chasing, some were cruising... Get out as much as you can. That's all you can do. Good luck!

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    Has been pretty good on the morning hunts this week. I saw shooters on Tuesday and Weds, and got an arrow in a great 8pt. and 30 minutes later had a 170 class 10 at 50 yards. Mid-morning I have seen two good bucks locked down with does one Weds and one yesterday. I think this weekend should be fun for all the gun guys.


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    its been pretty slow for me, i have seen a few bucks but not any shooters... the only shooter i saw i shot. check him out (14pt indiana buck down).. some of the bucks have been chasing and some are just crusing.. i cant seem to get any does in range.. but we will solve that tomorrow morning!!! good luck fellas!

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    On the contrary, around Fort Wayne, it's been "on" for almost 2 weeks. Heavy chasing and daylight buck movement galore. Shot my buck this past Sunday at 11:15a. The week leading up to last Sunday, we saw bucks every single sit during daylight. I almost feel it's past prime heading to lock down phase, not sure. Mornings have been the best by a long shot. Going out tonight for a short sit, and a long sit tomorrow am, just gotta wear orange -- dang. Not against gun, I just love the peace and quiet of bow!!!
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    Starting to really heat up here. Hunting near Angola N/E corner of state. Hadn't been out for about a week. Saw 12 bucks yesterday and 3 this morning. Most were either chasing or bird dogging. Passed up 1 nice 8 yesterday and one today. Just a bit too small. Cant wait till it gets a bit cooler and I think the daytime activity will increase. Ryan

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