"2010 G5 Quest Heat" better late than never


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    Wink "2010 G5 Quest Heat" better late than never

    Late this fall when deciding if I was in the market for a new bow I noticed nothing but positive responses concerning the G5 quest bows. The Heat interested me because of ATA and the fact that it was a single cam bow. The problem is no detailed reviews of the Heat could be found with my research. Most responses related shy'd away from the Heat in favor of the less expensive Smoke or Hammer for various reasons. I decided to go for the Heat though I had never shot it. Previous to this my more recent bows was an 09 Martin Moab and an 05 AR37.
    Out of the box the first thing noted is the excellent detail and finish. Much better than similar priced bows. I was also impressed with the design of the I-Glide pass through system.
    The bow was set up with a DMI drop away, a black gold flash point 5 pin sight and a cheap 7 inch stabilizer and set to a 28 inch draw length. The bow was bare shaft paper tuned in a short period using Goldtip 7595's cut to 29 inches. and responded well to any adjustments to bring it in. I noticed the bow required the nock point to be set higher than expected though nothing out of reason as most single cams require a slightly higher nock point anyways.
    Shooting the bow was a pleasure. Draw cycle was as smooth as they come. The let off valley is noticeably shorter than many bows though is countered with one of the hardest wall stops I have ever shot. This made for easy holding at full draw effortless without fear of getting pulled off as noticed with some. The bow is certainly a quiet shooter and only a very small hand shock was noticed upon shooting. (I have a new stabilizer in the mail that will most likely eliminate any minor shock felt.) With stabilizer attached the bow has a definite desirable weight forward motion when shooting. Sighting in the bow only took a few adjustments and it was throwing lasers. Within 15 minutes I was shooting comfortably at 50 yards with 6 inch groupings. At 30 yards I didn't dare shoot two arrows at the same point. I find this bow to be a much more consistent at longer yardages than others mentioned.

    Now for the negative, I noticed after about 50 shots that the serving on the cable had started separating where it rides on the cam module break point. It did not wear though start sliding apart. When I contacted G5 I was told that this is not unexpected due to todays cams with such an extreme angle on the module to obtain letoff weight. I have heard this before from other bow manufacturers and don't buy it. (Had a friend with the same problem on a bear. When I had JBK make a custom string for the Bear I was sure to tell the rep and he wrapped the serving tighter in this area. Problem was gone). To make matters worse, G5 would not allow me to replace my own string and said I would need to take it to an authorized dealer. The closest dealer is over 1.5 hours away. I offered to take pics and send though this resulted in no resolution. I really don't trust many with my own equipment anyways and am more than capable of performing string replacements. With the price of fuel it will be less expensive to get a new JBK string set made. JBK even offered to re-serve the original string at such a good price that I can pocket about 40 dollars in gas money. Manufacturers need to realize that some warranty items need to be honored through the owner. In my opinion this should have been addressed. (Can you tell I am not happy?)

    Other than the one negative I am most pleased with the bow and would recommend it to others.
    And yes I am giving JBK cudos in here as Jeff understands customer service and deserves the bump.


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    I wanted to update the review to give customer service an outstanding applause. After further conversations related to my cable issue, Brian (Customer Service Rep) made some suggestions that resulted in getting my problem resolved. I understand that even the better products can have issues. This particular issue was small and likely to happen with any manufacturer. The fact that the problem was resolved and I am now satisfied results in a 100% positive rating in the bow.


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    I have the same thing going on with my quest heat I called them and he said that was normal Di u get yours fixed

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