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Thread: PSE Bowmadness Standard vs XS

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    PSE Bowmadness Standard vs XS

    Hello all. First post the forum. I'm fairly new to this sport and am about to purchase a new bow. I am pretty much sold on the new PSE's. I am trying to decide between the PSE BowMadness standard and the BowMadness XS and would like to hear some of your opinions and comments on the pros and cons of each.


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    welcome to AT!

    unless you hunt a lot in ground blinds, i would take the standard because of the longer ATA (axle-to-axle). it ultimately boils down to personal preference, but the very short ATA of the XS could make it more suscetible to hand torque, especially if you are still getting used to proper form.

    if i remember right, the standard is a little faster as well.

    best bet is to shoot em both if you have the opportunity. you'll likely be very happy with either.

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    I have the Bowmadness mc 32 ata and i just can get away with shooting in a ground blind . What a great bow . I have had mine for almost 2 years and hunt hard with it . 452x strings and halo serving is the way to go with that bow . But shoot them both . Good luck

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    That's a toughy! I just ordered a Bow Madness XS for ground blind shooting. I already have the XL for the treestand situations and can use it ok in a ground blind, but was looking for something smaller and easier to maneuver in a blind. I think the BM32 will work fine in a blind too. But, if you are looking for a bow for both situations, I'd go with the BM32.
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    I like the standard 32" one for hunting, and the XL for 3D.
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    Thanks guys...keep the thoughts coming. This will be a hunting bow and I will probably spend more time in ground blinds than I will in tree stands here in South Texas. That said, I am leaning toward the standard 32", just trying to justify the extra $100. Should tourque on the XS be a concern of mine if I am still learning proper form and technique?

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    I have both and love them both. I'm no pro by any means but they feel almost exactly the same to me. I set them up identically and really can't tell any difference. I could sell one or the other and shoot blind folded and not tell a significant change. But again I'm not an expert and I'm sure the pro guys could tell. Hope that helps. By the way, the only reason I bought both was to have a near identical back up and have the XS if I decided I "needed" it in a certain hunting situation.
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    You wont regret the Bowmadness MC. This things accurate, holds good and fast for a single cam.

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    I have had a XS for awhile now and when I bought it I was in the same situation as you and I went with the XS because it was $100 cheaper than the 32. It shoots amazingly for such a short bow (I'm no expert at proper form and such ) and I think its size makes it a great hunting bow. Now the 2011 XS seems to have improved a little in speed and has an 8 inch brace height which probably make it an even better shooter. If you want to save another $100 take at look at the Brute it's a really nice bow for the price and also has decent performance.

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    i loved the 2010 xs, and the 2011 is even better, it is easily one of the most fun bows to shoot i have ever touched,, with everything i have in stock the bmxs sure finds its way into my hands a lot more than any other single bow,,, nothing beats a bow that is just plain fun,, and on top of that it is a great hunting bow

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