Fred Bear Instinct For Sale


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    Fred Bear Instinct For Sale

    I have a 07 Fred Bear Instinct 28.5 Draw length 70 lb pull. Has alot of scrapes nothing to serious. I will post pics later when I get them. I would like $450or obo w/ fall away rest. I have some sights I'll throw in too.

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    I'll take 375 thats including shipping. more if shipping to Canada. Thanks

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    350 for sights and rest and 300 bare bow

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    will consider any offers

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    300 package 250 bare bow plus buyer pays shipping

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    I like Bear they are a good bow. Great starter bow here. Bump!

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    this is a great bow!!!!!!!!
    i've owned them for a couple of years and keep going back to it......
    Very underated performer

    it's really more than a starter bow.....
    It's so freaky quiet and exceptionally smooth....
    this is a good price on the bare or packaged bow!!!!!
    If this means anything.......i've owned a couple of mathews switchbacks, 09 martin bengal, dartons, and i keep going back to shooting this during deer season.......
    this shoots as fast and hits just as or harder than any mathews i've owned with the same specs....It's been the quietest and most vibe free out of all of them...!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks guys

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    bump for awesome bow, got one myself

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    Thanks guys,

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    300 dollars for the package and 250 bare bow plus shipping 3% paypal.

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    make offers I will consider anything

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    bump for good bow

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    ttt- make offers

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    ttt- make offer

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    will accept any reasonable offer how about 225 plus shipping, 3%paypal, extra if out of country, 300 package, cobra sights, carolina archery fall away rest.

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    this is a great bow at a great deal th price will go back up tomorrow so 300 package 225 bare bow get it now or the prices will go back up.

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    300 plus shipping,3% paypal on package, 225 bare bow plus shipping and 3% paypal.

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    I'll throw in 3 goldtip arrows 28 in free with purchase of package. 300 dollars plus shipping and 3% paypal

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    Priced up- 350 package 300 bare bow plus shipping 3% paypal, or money order

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    250 bare bow plus shipping and 3% if using paypal,money order. 275 package plus shipping and if using paypal 3%, money order okay to

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    The package includes quiver,3 goldtip arrows, cobra sights, Carolina fall-away rest. Help me move this bow fast make an offer

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