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    Don't miss this post.

    Quote Originally Posted by jalopyspeed View Post
    It's actually a viral campaign for a game called Resistance 3 made by Insomniac Games
    Talk about effective marketing. Very impressive. My hats off.

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    It's a baby Rosie O'Donnell, that's what they look like when they first pop out of a pile of bigfeets dung.. I would move far away for sure, nasty creatures..
    The second pic is a whitetail..

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    Are you huntin area 51?

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    Now it is on msnbc!

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    id find somewhere else to hunt
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    At first I thought photoshop, but you would have to be pretty dang good to do something like this. Plus its got the date, time, and logo..... i'm freaking out man!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quackshack View Post
    At first I thought photoshop, but you would have to be pretty dang good to do something like this. Plus its got the date, time, and logo..... i'm freaking out man!!!!!!
    You are freaking out....MAN!

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    haha i cant believe news channels are reporting this. thats awsome. good job to the OP or who ever made this pic. they must be dying
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    Quote Originally Posted by millipede View Post
    This is my ultimate favortie AT thread. Man, I can laugh and laugh everytime I start thumbing through it. I even had my wife read a few pages. Good stuff.
    This thread is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCBOWMAN View Post
    Their trying to over populate the planet!!!!!!
    I came into the world covered in my Mothers blood and I'll leave REDEEMED by the blood of Jesus. All to Him I owe
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    Quote Originally Posted by huntrjm View Post
    Don't miss this post.

    Talk about effective marketing. Very impressive. My hats off.
    DAMN...It's FAKE!!! Oh well,back to BIGFOOT...LOL...
    If you don"t learn something new everyday you are not paying attention.

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    add albany ny to the list of local news "top stories" , laughed so hard when i saw that!

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    purcels1 says:
    "On he stated no one else knew about this spot. Now two people know when he posted on archerytalk. This is a good post and a good photoshop job by the poster but its best to stick to one story "

    Hillbilly Willi says:
    "Purcels, that's not me. Somebody got the picture and is acting like they are the one that took it. This thing is traveling fast I'm not a member at trapperman."

    I'm not trying to call anyone out, but it seems odd at best that this thread was started December 2nd, 2010 06:45 PM and the thread on trapperman was started 12/02/10 06:52 PM... I'm not calling anyone a lier, but this does put a nice sized dent in the OP's credibility.

    His second post on both threads are kinda close also: Here December 2nd, 2010 06:58 PM... Trapperman 12/02/10 07:19 PM

    I had to do a double take when I saw your scrnname. I've been using TrailChaser for years online. lol

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    I just read on cryptomundo that this photo is a related viral marketing to the new super 8 movie that will be out next year. It is a JJ Abrams movie.

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    what is so interesting is that it started on AT - I think this has been posted but Wired Web tracked it back to us.

    We are now the tail wagging the big media dog. LOL!!! Willie - you are famous! If it wasn't you that did this, just hope your pards eventually own up to it and replace the items they broke.

    Rather good chuckles!

    1/2 yard short.

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    Doesn't this picture kind of resemble the pose of a speed skater.....if you look closely you can see the helmet and goggles. The pose even seems right. Speed skaters can be quite thin, and they also sometimes wear shoulder pads, like the guy in one of the pics below. All he would have to do is color it white, mess with the face, and make fake blurry legs and feet. What do you think?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Two Cents

    A friend of mine showed this picture to me on his iPhone. The image intrigued me enough to find this site and download the originally posted image so I could take a closer look at it.

    Once I got it, I adjusted the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation to bring out as much of the image as possible.

    On the full frame, I was trying to get as much data out of the surrounding woods as possible, just to see what might be there.

    Copy of O1.jpg

    After that, I inverted the image to a negative to see if anything else stood out.

    Copy of O2.jpg

    After that, I cropped and resized the picture to focus on the figure in the image. Again, I adjusted the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation to bring out as much of the image as possible. I skipped the negative inversion.

    Copy of CU2.jpg

    Finally, I cropped and resized the original again to get a close-up of the thing’s face.

    Copy of F2.jpg

    I worked with the images in the bitmap (.BMP) format, and converted them to .JPG to post them here. I used Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9 to make the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation adjustments, and Microsoft Picture Manage to do the resizing.

    I make no claims as to my belief in the authenticity of the original image. I am not an expert in image analysis, so I wouldn’t have a clue what to look for to indicate if the image was Photoshopped or not. Of course, many folks here have offered some fairly detailed arguments to support their claim that the image was indeed Photoshopped. But again, not being an expert in image analysis, I have to view their arguments with the same skepticism that I view the originally posted image.

    Nonetheless, if we were to entertain the possibility that the image is authentic, and predicate all conjecture with the words, “IF the image is real …” and “IF HillbillyWilli is who he says he is, and has reported the events factually … ” there are a few things about the thing I think are particularly interesting:

    1) If Hillbilly Willi (HW) pointed the camera toward an area where he put feed out for the deer, we can speculate that the thing might actually have been attracted by the food. Of course, this begs the question, “why?” Is it separated from its companions? Is it lost? Is it starving? Or does it just like deer feed?

    2) If there wasn’t any feed on the ground, one has to wonder what the heck it’s doing out in the country, crawling on the ground at 1:44 in the morning. Did it lose a contact, maybe?

    3) In addition to the interesting differences in the thing’s body, as compared to human anatomy, i.e. the disproportionately huge deltoid muscles in relation to the extremely skinny arms and legs, the apparent lack of genitalia, the distinctive veins and vein patterns, the disproportionately enormous feet compared to the skinny legs (one would think that such feet would leave distinctive tracks), the difference in skull and jaw structure (very large cranium and eye sockets, sunken nose, extremely thin jaw, extremely large gums, and disproportionately small teeth – and only a FEW of them), the obvious similarities to human anatomy are as equally interesting. (It is interesting, though, that the thing’s hands are not visible.)

    4) Comparing the originally posted image to the image HW posted of the site in daylight, with, I assume, HW walking through the picture, we can use the surrounding trees to orient the two figures in the scene, and from there make a fairly close estimate comparison of HW's and the thing's femur bones, and extrapolate from there to see that the thing is much smaller than HW in height.

    Copy of O1.jpg

    Regarding the images authenticity, in addition to image analysis, others have called it a hoax because of two things: 1) the originally posted image has appeared elsewhere on the web with a different time stamp. 2) The appearance of a Wildgame Innovations stamp.

    Again, I make no claims as to the image's authenticity. However, regarding those two particular arguments, before accepting them as proof of a hoax, one should consider that the other image, with a different time stamp, could have been taken from this site, altered, and reposted elsewhere. (It is odd though. Why would someone only alter the time stamp and nothing else?) The time stamp on HW’s originally posted image is 11/30/10, and HW posted the image on the site on 12/2/10. So those times, at least, are not inconsistent with HW’s story.

    Consider too, that HW’s “Join Date” for the Archery Talk site is shown to be October, 2009, during which time it appears he has made several other posts. I mention this not as proof of HW’s veracity, but of the fact that HW’s account was not created the same day, or near the time he posted the images. If it had been, that might indicate that someone created an account for the sole purpose of planting the pictures.

    The Wildgame Innovations stamp appears on most images taken with cameras from that company. So that is not inconsistent with what one would expect to find.

    All that said, we all know the power of Photoshop, and its ability to create fake images. Hoaxes aside, all one has to do to find proof of that is look at the thousands of advertising images with which we are inundated on a daily basis.

    Anyway, I thought you all might find the tweaked images interesting.

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    Three Cents

    Here's antother one. I cropped the mouth and used the same process I mentioned above.

    In this image you can see the teeth and tongue more clearly. It also appears to have a large cut that severed its upper lip in two.

    Copy of M1.jpg

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    Maybe it's some of Obama's goons snooping around!!

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    looks like nancy pelosi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshForArrows View Post
    Here's antother one. I cropped the mouth and used the same process I mentioned above.

    In this image you can see the teeth and tongue more clearly. It also appears to have a large cut that severed its upper lip in two.

    Copy of M1.jpg
    Might want to read the entire thread before posting?!?!?
    Shoot straight!

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    Well OK, what an interesting thread. Been following it on various sites.

    Ash, what you are taking for feet is possibly just the protruding root of the tree you can see in the daytime image. Hard to tell for sure with HW's thigh in the way.

    If HillbillyWilli doesn't want to see his claims self-destruct, he may want to clarify a few things.

    1) The person on the Trapper forum who posted the same photo with different date. Is there absolutely no association HW? That image with the other date is creating quite a bit of doubt as to any authenticity. Clearly the image has gone viral, and its plausible to have others pick it up and manipulate.

    2) The now two movies that seem to be taking credit for the image. Super8 and Resistance 3. I wonder if the producers are just capitalizing on the opportunity with their upcoming release and this image, but if so, HW needs to clarify this or his image will lose any and all credibility of a authenticity. I can even see where if the image be real, they would contact him and offer funds for use of the image and his sealed lips because it would benefit their film release. However if so, there may be a cost to credibility.

    3) Give the readers here some details on your game cam. Model Number? Show us some pics of its damaged state too, others have asked.

    If he doesn't address some of the tougher questions, his claims will probably shake out as a hoax even if it wasn't.

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    Omg! If something like this had showed up on mine or anyone i know camera.. And it was for real...It would have made!!(Special Report) on CNN.just sayin

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    crikies, what some people will do to get a start out of others, fake or not, good on ya Willie cause you have 19 pages of posts and arguments saying real and fake........ and its all over the news in the world are we here at AT going to top this one now that we are well known?

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    I'm gonna be rich with my new hobby!!! Drop a deuce in the woods, stand it up with sticks and pin some reflective eyes on it off with an acorn for a hat...just gotta figure out a name for it. I could start a little miniature army in a couple days No wonder marijuana is illegal, people will believe ANYTHING

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