can a left handed person use a right hand bow


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    can a left handed person use a right hand bow


    at the club were i shoot there is only one left handed recurve bow and at 28#
    it is too hard for a begginer.
    i was told by my coach to shoot with a right hand bow and i must say it was far easier for me.
    i was offered to buy a used rh bow and i would like some advice if i should stick with rh or try to get a lh.
    will there be some problem with aiming a rh bow by a lefty.
    thanks and a happy new year.
    tel aviv

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    I'm left handed and I have shot a right handed bow for over 20 years. I also shoot a shotgun, rifle and piston right handed. It is easier to find right handed equipment.


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    Thank Darrel

    Hi Darrel
    Thanks for the swift reply.
    another question.
    the sight on the rh bow will be rh or lh?
    can you tune the rh sight to work with a dominnent lh eye?

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    I use a right handed sight bar, a Srue Loc Supreme with a 6X scope. I'm also left eye dominent but I use my right eye for aiming. You can either close your left eye or shoot with both eyes open like I do. To shoot with both eyes open I will close my left eye as soon as I reach full draw to let my right eye take over, then I can open the left eye with no problems. I have done this for a long time, so it may take some time to get use to. If you have any questions please sent me a PM or e-mail me at I will help any way I can.


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    Being left or right handed isn't all that important in archery (Traditional or Modern). Eye dominance is more important but even that isn't an insurmountable obstacle. If you are left eye dominant and wish to shoot right handed, then I would suggest that you squint your left eye so as to force your right eye to be dominant. I have done this myself successfully (shooting left handed for awhile due to a right shoulder injury).

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    As opposed to closing or squinting your left eye. Try using a patch to block the vision. squinting or closing the eye takes away from concentrating on aiming.

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    What about shooting a right-handed bow left handed? I have seen this done by some. A little awkward loading the arrow on the rest but seems to work. What can this hurt - just curious as I've had some of them ask me if its OK?

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    i have seen alot of people do this............. i actually seen one guy shoot 300 vegas rounds on a pretty regular basis............

    i'm thinking of doing it this year when I get my new bow.......its so much easier to sell old equiptment and pick up new equiptment without ordering it........

    it doesn't pay for our shop to stock lefty stuff even then I have to order it.........

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    I'm left handed and I've shot plenty of bows right handed to check them. They still shoot different than left handed equipment made for us normal people . Recurves are not as bad. Compounds I can actually shoot pretty good if I shorten the draw to 27" or so. This way the cables don't whack your forearm. Grips are uncomfortable! Why would you when you can get lefty stuff!

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