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Thread: Trophy Whitetail hunts with Swain Farms

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    Trophy Whitetail hunts with Swain Farms

    Along with our popular guided whitetail hunts, Swain Farms will now be booking budget DIY hunts starting in 2011. These hunts will be 6 1/2 days in length, but can be adjusted based on personal preference. These private leases will produce the same low pressure, quality hunts that guys have come to expect while hunting with Swain Farms. Our self-guided properties will be rested a minimum of 1 week in between groups to insure that our guests have unpressured deer to hunt.

    We are also currently booking guided hunts for the 2011 archery and late muzzleloader seasons. And as always, we never host or cater to "pro" hunters, instead we focus all of our attention towards our paying clients. Due to our extensive food plot programs, we provide excellent early and late season hunts that are set at a very reasonable rate. Unlike other outfits, we don't have to push a high number of hunters through to make it worth our while. Because of low lease prices on neighboring farms, as well as ground that has been in our family for decades is what separates us from the rest. A lot of guys say they offer "quality", low pressure hunts at an affordable rate, but the fact that Illinois leases are extremely high prevents them from keeping their word. To stay in business, most outfits MUST either jack their prices up or push a ton of hunters through. With our mortgage free farms, we don't have this problem.

    Our farms have been strictly managed over the past 4 to 10+ years. With our strict antler requirements set from 130” to 140” P&Y, we are ensuring that our guests will have mature deer to hunt for years to come. With over 50 years of hunting experience and 6 years of guiding experience in Morgan county, we know what it takes to consistently harvest mature Illinois deer.

    Feel free to contact us for more information. You can check out more harvest and cam pictures by visiting Be sure to check us out on Facebook

    Brandon Swain

    Swain Farms
    2519 Swain Road
    Jacksonville, Illinois
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    A few cam photos.
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    2009 cam photos
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    looks like a great place for a very reasonable price
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAstringking View Post
    looks like a great place for a very reasonable price
    Thank you sir. I've met a lot of great people from your area over the last few years.


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    wow. you have some real high quality deer. good luck!!

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    What are rates for 2011 second week of nov. i have 2 guys very interested. please let me no.thanks joe

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoytman2979 View Post
    What are rates for 2011 second week of nov. i have 2 guys very interested. please let me no.thanks joe
    PM sent

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    A few more.. Would be happy to answer any questions regarding a hunt.

    -Brandon Swain
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    Interested in pricing for second week in November for group of three hunters.
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    Many of the top whitetail hunters consider the tail end of the rut to be the absolute best time to catch the areas biggest bucks on the move during daylight hours. Trying to locate the last few receptive does, the true giants are forced to travel more. To capitalize on this time frame during Thanksgiving week, Swain Farms will be offering a special 7 and 1/2 day guided hunt for the price of only $1,950. Inquire for more details.

    - Brandon

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    The first 2 weeks in November are booked. We still have a few spots available for a guided 5 1/2 day hunt from November 13-17. We also have some openings for a 6 1/2 day hunt from October 22-27 that runs $1,950, as well as an early season 6 day hunt for $1,550.


    Brandon Swain
    Swain Farms Outfitting

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    Thanks for all the interest in hunting with Swain Farms over the last few months. We have 2 openings for a special 7 day bow/muzzleloader guided hunt for the price of $2,950. The hunt is 4 days archery and 3 days with the muzzleloader. Non-residents are allowed 2 bucks during this hunt. We will no longer be offering shotgun hunts, so there is no worry about a shortage of big deer during this late season hunt. Additional days can be added on to the bow hunt for an additional cost. Late season hunts will be focused over plots that include standing corn and soybeans.


    Brandon Swain

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    Our DIY hunts are completely booked for 2011.


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    Did you bring this post "ttt" for advertisment or do you still have hunts for 2011?? I am interested in going myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderchicken from La View Post
    Did you bring this post "ttt" for advertisment or do you still have hunts for 2011?? I am interested in going myself
    PM sent..

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    Monster bucks as usual Brandon!! Cant wait to get back out there!!!

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    Here are a few of the bucks that we know made it through the hunting season. We are able to keep the deer on our properties year round due to the amount of food that we leave for them. We still have some open archery hunts available before our gun seasons come in. I Have 3 openings for a 6 day early season hunt from October 1-6 for $1,550, as well as 2 openings for a 4 1/2 day hunt from November 13-16 for $1,850. We also have some December and January hunts available. Late season hunts run $1,250 and are 5 1/2 days in length. Follow us on Facebook throughout the year by becoming a fan of Swain Farms Outfitting.


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    There is still time to win a free whitetail hunt with Swain Farms.To register all you need to do is hit the "like" button on our facebook page.

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    Just wanted to thank all of the ATers who joined in on our Facebook hunt giveaway! It resulted in over 800 fans in only 11 days. In 2010, our archery hunters had an opportunity rate of 72% while the actual harvest rate was at 33% on "Shooter" bucks. Some outfitters try to mislead guys by not providing them with accurate numbers. They either factor small bucks and does into their percentage rates or they only figure it by their most productive weeks.(prime rut weeks) Our numbers are for the entire season.

    We also want to hear your thoughts on what you look for when booking a quality whitetail hunt...from the amount of ground you consider adequate for your hunts, types of stands you prefer(height and style), what services are most important to you, etc. We'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions. Send responses to Be sure to continue to follow us on Facebook throughout the year for future giveaways and year round updates.

    Thanks again!

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