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Thread: 2010 Mission Menace w/blueberry Riser *Look* Pics!

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    2010 Mission Menace w/blueberry Riser *Look* Pics!

    2010 Mission Menace youth/lady bow. Has black limbs and blueberry anodized riser.
    ATA= 31"
    Brace height=7.25"
    Physical Weight=2.95lbs.
    Let off=17-30"
    Draw Weight=16-52lbs.

    The bow has less than 100 shots on it. Just in my back yard. Well Like most of you guys know, Mathews/Mission charges an extra $50 for anodized risers. I paid $300.00 plus tax for this bow early this spring. The camo ones sell for $250. There is a mark on the riser where the rest was. Once you install your rest on the bow, you will not even see it. This is a good starter bow for youth. I was told that the Mathews focus grip could fit on this bow. Never tried it myself. As you ca see in the pics, there is marks on the cam where I was adjusting it. Cables are black and the string is blue/black with black serving.
    My daughter is just not into archery at this time. So it's time for it to go and stop getting dust on it. Just for your information She is 10 years old, and I had the limbs set at 23lbs. It was pretty easy for her to pull. Asking $225 plus shipping. Money Orders at this time. I'm north of Dallas Texas. If anyone wants to pick it up and save on shipping, then please PM me. If anyone needs any other info on it, Please PM me and I can PM you my cell number if needed. Thanks!

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    All PMs returned.

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    Sold...payment sent thanks

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    Bow is Sold! Thank you tats51

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