When somebody says "400" grain arrow what does that mean??


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    When somebody says "400" grain arrow what does that mean??

    On here when someone says an arrow of certain weight does that generally include the broadhead weight to? Was just wondering.

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    Not usaully talking about broadheads

    But for the most part there talking the total weight of the arrow and yes it could include a broadhead if it was a hunting thread.

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    that is usually refering to the total weight of the arrow........

    vanes,nock, insert, and field tip/broadhead

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    Minimum Arrow Weight in Idaho

    Total arrow weight and it is the required minimum in Idaho

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    Yep your finished arrow weight normally includes EVERYTHING...
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    what they said, plus

    make sure you are not confusing this with a 400 spine arrow
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    One grain eguals 1/7000 of a pound. So the 400 grain arrow weights 0.914 ounces.

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    By the way, on here I would just ask the individual if he was giving total arrow weight or the weight of the arrow without the broadhead. If you are looking in a DNR manual and they don't state total arrow weight and you need to know then to be safe you have to get a clarification from DNR.

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    I am using this type of arrow:

    how do you find out how many grain with that?

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    It says in description 8.8 grs per inch.

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