Help with info on a Hoyt Heat compound bow


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    Help with info on a Hoyt Heat compound bow

    Hi. I just picked up a Hoyt Heat bow and I am new to archery. I am trying to see if someone can help me out with knowing some stuff about this bow. I have attached pictures to help. I am wanting to know how old it is and anything about what kind of riser, cams, etc that it has. It has a 30in draw and I know that is too big for me. I was wanting to know if it can be adjusted to be shorter. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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    It's a Hoyt Defiant Heat (Defiant is the riser model, Heat is the limb type), about 1995. There was a later '90s version of the Defiant, but it was different. Command Cams, and they are already in the shortest draw position. To shorten it more would require new cams and string, which would be very hard to find. It was a good bow for its time, but you'd probably be better off selling it (might get $100 if you're lucky) and getting something in your size that's a bit more modern and easy to shoot. There's one for sale here on AT with the better quality Fastflight limbs and Master Cams, going pretty cheap.

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    So Master Cams would be what I would have to go with?

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    Those bows were the heat in the day.

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    You might get more than $100. I got $225 for a defiant fast flite last year and mine was strange, 26"/80lbs.

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    For that bow the Command Cams and Master Cams came in different sizes. Your cams should have a number stamped on them - each number lower shortens the DL by an inch. Each cam is also adjustable +/- 1 inch from the middle setting.

    Yours, if they are currently set at 30", are the 31" cams, and can go from 30 to 32".

    You could put Master cams on, but it would lower the bow weight bit, maybe 5#. Finding out what cam size you need would be a chore, and then actually finding the cams thenselves would be even harder. And you'd need a new string/cable set.

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    Yikes, thanks. I think I am conceding to selling it. Sad since I have not even had the opportunity to shoot it. Now I need to figure out if I should just sell the bow or sell everything I got with it too. It came with the hard case, a quick release and 5 carbon arrows along with a bag of extra tips and a whisker biscuit. The bow itself has the Hoyt 4 pin sight, an arrow rest and an 8 arrow quiver.

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