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Thread: The "First Compound Bow" (marketed) July 1967!!

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    Hello, Ihave been shooting since 1971, started with the jennings epoxy impregnated riser which I still have. It has the original (s hooks for string). If you would like to have this bow its yours just for the shipping. Thought you might like to have for your museum.
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    Very cool!

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    I was just talking about this on another thread. I was at Busch wildlife outside of St. Louis when I was 11 or 12 when I saw A guy that had a bow with pulleys and wheels and after talking with him he claimed it was his invention.I'm 55 now.
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    model t

    The unstrung hero of my youth. Given to me by my uncle who won the idaho barbow field championship with it. Shot the strings off of this thing learning to shoot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by love fingers View Post
    The unstrung hero of my youth. Given to me by my uncle who won the idaho barbow field championship with it. Shot the strings off of this thing learning to shoot.
    I had one of these model t's in the mid 70's.there was also a bow called kam act that was radical looking at that time.i saw 2 of them.a guy and his little brother had them
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    Interesting that the profile in the riser emulates the "bat wing" design popular in recurve bows of the day. The cover photo with the scouts shows this bat wing pattern in the recurve being leaned against. I remember the lines in these risers, very sculptural, lots of complex lamination integrated into the design.

    I vaguely remember the introduction of the first compound designs . . . "What the hell is that all about ???" *LMAO* I didn't think it was a "fad" but more an indication of where technology was headed generally. And I expected technology would produce automobiles that look like space ships -- fins, grills that look like jet engine intakes -- and that eventually cars would fly. Hanna-Barbara was displacing The Flintstones with The Jetsons on TV. Robots were going to do all our work for us.

    The illustrations here look like a hybrid of Boy's Life (Boy Scouts of America official monthly mag.) and Norman Rockwell.

    -- But then I remember the release of "2001 A Space Odyessy" (1968) and fully expected we'd have a research colony on Mars by 2013.

    In that vein, I suppose my take down, ILF recurve, foam carbon limbs, carbon composite arrows, cams, sights, D loop releases ARE pretty futuristic when looking back . . .

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    at age 60 now and been in archery since i was 10 maybe sooner lived next to a small bow shop ,hunted with recurves,got my first compound a allen in 1972, boy i thought i had the world by the butt ! seen it all it was great ! really liked my jennings bows,tried many brand bows over the years,hoyt has always made great bows,but now i really have come to like barnsdale bows not many of you may know but Dave Barnsdale has a lot of history himself in archery.have really enjoyed reading the history of the compound bow ,my dear friend who past away a few years ago Wayne Miller,from little falls,mn. a pro archer in the old days ,was very good friend`s with Tom Jennings who used to give Wayne a few custom target bows they were called model I target bows ,man were they nice looking !Wanye kinda wanted me to take one sure wished i would have now.

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    Well, I've got nothing better to do.

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