Jennings Ck 3.4r


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    Jennings Ck 3.4r

    Has Any One Shot Or Know Any Who Has Shot A Jennings
    Ck 3.4r. Just Wondering How It Shoots Feels Ect. Also What Kind Of Speed It Has Thanks

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    looks good

    The 3.4r really looks like a good bow. I don't know anyone who has shot any of the newer jennings bows. I am buying a bow this year and this would be my first choice but Jennings has a real problem with distribution. My closest dealer is about 300 miles away. I can't go that far to try a bow so I guess I'll go with a Bowtech or a PSE. Who is able to buy these bows?

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    I personally haven't shot it but one of the guys I hunt with bought one and really likes it.

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    i 've shot the new Jennings, and I wasn't such a Martin fan, I would probably get one. Virtually no hand shock and very quiet, with no limb savers even. The cable guide is very different, but you don't notice at all when shooting. It seems to be very quick, but we didn't chrono it, so all i have is my perception. Overall, a very nice bow, very striking looking cam and idler...

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    I don't have the CK 3.4R and I am a beginner to archery in general, but I do have the Jennings CK 3.5 and I really like it. Very comfortable and balanced bow and I really like the way it shoots.

    I realize this post is not much help , but there doesn't seem to be that many Jennings shooters on the boards and so I wanted to chime in!

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    One of the deals that I go to has one tha I got to try it. It may have just been the way the bow was set up but I found that it had a lot of vibraion in it compared to the Hoyts, and Mathews that I shot along with it. A stablizer and heaver arrows would take care of the problem, I think.

    The bow shot well, no real jump on release and it was fairly quite. I also shot a AR that was about the same price, along side it so the Jennings grip felt a little chunky. The AR also had less vibration in it in comparison.

    I can not tell you how fast it was since we did not run it threw a chorno. The bow did feel good and the workmanship was right up there with the AR with the price being a lot lower than the Hoyts or Mathews.

    I do not think you can go wrong with the bow but I would lean towards the AR myself as I liked the grip better.

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