Best recurve bow?


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    Exclamation Best recurve bow?

    What is a good recurve bow that is under $200 dollars? I want to use it for backpacking and target shooting. For backpacking I will take off the string and carry it in a sheath. What are some good options?

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    Samick gets some good reviews in that price range, but as with anything you get what you pay for. Used bows are often the best option as well. Go to the traditional classifieds or to find these.

    Also remember that when you take the bow down to pack it the string will untwist and you will have to check the brace height when you put it back together and string it. Not a bid deal but not something everyone thinks of, and yes it does make a big difference.

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    samick number 1 in number of bows built each year. They have several models in that price range.
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    Pretty narrow selection at that price.

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    Bup up the price a bit 400 will get you what you want and a quality product. If I had to say the Hoyt Durado would be really nice if you can find a used one.

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    At that price you are looking for either cheap or used, I have heard that Samick's are half way decent bows but like in all things you get what you pay for, If I had to find one in that range I'd look at used bows, some of the older Bears, Brownings, Wings ETC , the higher end bows don't get down in that price range, one thing nice about stick bows the good ones hold value.Randy
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