Hoyt GTX cams vers. Cam & 1/2 +


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    Hoyt GTX cams vers. Cam & 1/2 +

    I would like to know how you feel about the GTX cams hoyt has for the long limb bows.
    I have shot the cam & 1/2 plus and like them, but I seen the GTX is faster than the
    other. I'm ordering a contender just line to know options.
    thanks Thomas

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    Shot a Cotender with GTX last Saturday and I liked it. I liked the Alpha Elite with the Fuel cams better, but the GTX was very smooth. I've only shot a couple of target bows, and Cam.5 is one I have not shot on a long limb bow.

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    Hey, I am sorry because I have no idea regarding the GTX since I haven’t tried it myself. Actually I never got a chance for it. But certainly I can tell for sure that GTX has always got great reviews as far as what I have heard from my friends.

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    speaking from personal experience, I am not a fan of the GTX. the draw stays heavy a long way towards the wall and has a very short valley.

    if I had to pick between spiral and GTX I would go GTX because of the modules, but the spiral feel is superior.

    for my latest bow (a contender) I deliberately went back to Cam1/2+ because of the approachability compared to GTX.

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