Shed Antler Traps


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    Shed Antler Traps

    Has anyone ever built am shed antler trap.

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    I use the old tire method with pretty good success. Stack a few on top of each other with some acorn rage or something in the middle. I didn't think it would work but it did for me last year.

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    no need to build one - look for natural one's - I actually shy away from any type of man-made device - we had a fellow rig up one of the tire and chain traps with a dishpan in the middle filled with corn - a bunch of teenagers found a real nice buck, dead with his head all tangled in the chains and it was a NIGHTMARE for the local hunting community - the township property that this occurred on was posted by the township and several of us lost a nice little spot that had been producing quality buck for the past 7 years- now only the local municipal workers are permitted on the property -

    I must admit - au naturale is the way to go - I scored 5 sheds from this set-up alone last year......

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    I pile small logs/ fallen limbs over the bait/ salt or what ever you use to attract them. Space them about a foot apart so all deer can get their heads in and get a bite or a lick. I usually use 3"-4" 10' long limbs.

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    12 ringer has it. We have put a little grain out under the hopper of our grain bins with some pretty decent results. It is not that aggressive that the deer could get trapped yet there is a strong possibilty that the deer bumps its rack on the hopper frame. Deer here are already trained that where there are bins there is spilt grain.

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    I know a guy, when feeding was legal in Il, that used to put t-posts a foot apart in a 4' circle with corn in the middle. He said it worked good.

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