For Sale: Bowtech/Diamond Black Ice Bow


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    For Sale: Bowtech/Diamond Black Ice Bow

    Diamond Black Ice by Bowtech

    Whether they need it or not, compound bows tend to be re-invented every season. So an enduring compound bow model is almost unheard of in today's market. That is, except for the Diamond Black Ice. The Black Ice stunned the archery industry when it debuted in 2007, spawning record sales and rave reviews. In fact, the Black Ice was so good, it was largely responsible for catapulting Bowtech/Diamond to the #1 spot as the nation's largest bow manufacturer. To put it bluntly, the Black Ice caused even the loftiest "Solo-cam" competitors to fall flat on their butts. Why? The Black Ice was simply a better bow - quieter - smoother - with zero recoil and vibration.

    What makes the Black Ice so outstanding? It begins with highly efficient 12”, 53-degree beyond-parallel limbs and optimized center cam mass placement. The result is an ultra-efficient bow that's eerily silent without a breath of recoil at the shot. A slender, two-piece grip and technically refined riser framework all combine to close the distance between your hand and the arrow, which yields less vertical torque and increased stability. In short, the Black Ice is one of the most comfortable, stable, and accurate single cam bows money can buy. The Black Ice feels great in your hand, but it feels even better when you draw it back. And when you shoot it, you can hardly feel anything at all. You want it smooth? Black Ice is still as slick as it gets!

    The Black Ice is 31.75 inches from axle to axle, has a 7.25-inch brace, and weights 3.8 lbs. The draw length is adjustable from 26 to 30 inches. This bow comes with draw weight set at 70 pounds. The bow can shoot 318 feet per second (fps) at a generated kinetic energy of 78.6 foot-pounds (fpe). The 2007, 2008, and 2009 black ice models were identical. In 2010, the Black Ice was changed by adding the new cable system.

    I am selling this 2007 model bare bow (right hand) for $325.00 plus shipping. It will come with new Bowtech strings/cables (@300-500 shots) and a set of factory strings/cables as spares (@1000 shots). Please email me at

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    ttt anyone? The strings were $90.00 from Americas Best made for Bowtech.

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    New price is $300.00 plus shipping.

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    $300 for Black Ice is a great deal!
    I can add all the accessories for a little extra.

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    I have killed some animals with this machine!!!

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    SOLD Pending Payment!!!!!!!!!

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