FOR SALE: Martin Cougar III Magnum Compound Bow PACKAGE DEAL!


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    Exclamation FOR SALE: Martin Cougar III Magnum Compound Bow PACKAGE DEAL!

    Martin Cougar III Magnum Compound Bow Package

    I am selling my Martin Cougar III Magnum with all accessories. This bow is in excellent condition and ready to go right out of the box! My dad bought it brand new for me in 2005 but I went off to college and didn’t shoot it until I graduated in 2008. I have shot this bow the last three seasons, harvesting 4 deer with it. I absolutely love this bow and hate to see it go, but unfortunately a shoulder injury will require me to switch to a crossbow, unless I get surgery…but crossbows are cheaper than shoulder surgeries!

    Asking $250 (price/shipping costs negotiable). Pictures attached.

    Please email if interested.

    Package Includes (quantity in parenthesis):
    (1) – Martin Cougar III Magnum Compound Bow
    (4) - Easton X7 Eclipse 2312 Arrows – since I am getting a crossbow I might as well throw these in as well. One of them will need a new nock.
    (4) - Muzzy 4-blade 100 grain broadheads – includes wrench (NEVER USED).
    (4) - Field point tips for target shooting
    (1) - Whisker Biscuit from Carolina Archery
    (1) - 4 Arrow Quiver
    (1) - 4 Pin Sight
    (1) - Stabilizer
    (1) - Hand Sling
    (1) - Peep Sight
    (1) - Kisser Button
    (1) - Rope D-Loop
    (2) - Limb Saver String Silencers

    Speed: 315 FPS
    Peak Speed: 320 FPS
    Weight: 3lbs 15 oz.
    Draw Weight: 45 – 60 lbs
    Draw Length: 26 – 32”
    Brace height: 6 5/8”
    Factory installed limb savers
    Thermal Elite grip
    Axle to Axle: 36 ”
    Riser & limb color: Camo – Mossy Oak Breakup
    Let-off: 75%
    Eccentrics: Fuzion Cam

    Here is a link to a review of this bow in Peterson’s BowHunting Magazine:

    Martin Website details:

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Click image for larger version.

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    To show that the bow works, I had to take the opportunity to show off my buck from last year!

    Also, the deer hide in the first picture is not included in the package.

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    Still for sale

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    pm sent

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    Nice bow (and buck). I understand your pain, have been there myself, including surgery. I am working my way up to above 50# and am hoping this will work. Please let me know if the price is firm, or if there is a little wiggle room for an old retired AF guy. Thanks.

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    PM's returned

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    I have recieved a couple offers for a little less than what I am asking. The price is not 100% firm but the offers keep going up... so if you want to PM me an offer I'll see how it compares with the others (and shipping costs).

    Thank you for the encouragement about the shoulder. This year I was sitting all morning and I had a smaller buck walk up and my shoulder just was so stiff I couldnt even pick my arm up enough to draw my bow back, so i just sat there and watched in walk right on by... it was heartwrentching! Luckly I got a chance a couple days later on that bigger buck and I had a perfect shot! I just know that if I had a monster buck walk up and not be able to execute the shot, I'd probably cry myself to sleep for months!! I just need to start saving up for the surgery and take care of it once and for all.... but in the meantime I can't give up hunting, so crossbow it is! haha.

    Have a great day and good luck bidding!

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    More PM's sent

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    Is this still for sale? My dad shoots this exact bow and LOVES it. He calls it "ole trusty". I am interested if its still for sale.

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    Still for sale. The buckhntr16's offer fell through.

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    Evening bump

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    PM sent

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    I appreciate the offers, but I am looking for cash (money order) and not trades. Keep the offers coming though

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    Do you have any pictures of it, I am interested if still for sale.

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    sorry about that last post my computer is slow. I just saw the pics

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    No problem Bill540

    Here's a couple more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

    Click image for larger version.

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Name:	Bow 043.jpg
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ID:	1001826.

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    PM sent

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    PM replied

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    Correction on the eccentrics. This bow is a Dyna Cam, not Fusion Cam.

    Thank you Carolina Cougar for the PM!

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    PM sent

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