2 browning micro midas bows


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    2 browning micro midas bows

    I have for sale 2 bows, both are in good condition but one of them needs a string.
    Here are the specs on these bows.

    Product Identifiers
    Brand Browning
    Model Micro Midas

    Bow Type Compound
    IBO Speed 271 - 279 fps
    Draw Weight 29#, 40#
    Draw Length 18 in, 19 in, 20 in, 21 in, 22 in, 23 in, 24 in, 25 in, 26 in, 27 in, 28 in
    Overall Bow Length 32"
    Dexterity Right-Handed

    Technical Features
    Let-Off 65-70%

    Weight 2.6 lb.

    I would like 145.00 for the one that is in shooting order and I will take 95.00 for the one that needs a string. These are TYD prices. Check out the pics.

    Here is the first bow

    And here is the second one for 95.00

    If you want one of these fine bows, let me know ASAP as they are listed on ebay and I will have to end the auction early so I can sell it to you.
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    any offers?

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