Bowtech Assassin or Diamond Outlaw


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    Bowtech Assassin or Diamond Outlaw

    Was wondering if anyone had shot these twe togather? I like the looks of both of them but can shoot neither because my local dealer only has right hand and i am a lefty.
    Going to pick one and get it ordered. just looking for any info from those who have shot them already.

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    Haven't shot the outlaw yet, but the assassin is one sweet bow for the money. You will not be disappointed one bit if you buy the assassin, it is well worth the money.

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    Well do you want a single cam or twin cam? You need to shoot them both before you decide. I shot the Assassin and thought it was sweet. Oddly I kinda liked it better than the Invasion

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    If money is not a concern, I prefer the Assassin over the Outlaw. The only reason is I prefer the binary over single cams. Just my preference.
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    Outlaw is a sweet shooting bow! Don't overlook it

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    I personally like the Diamond better.
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    We finally got an Outlaw in today to try. After shooting them both, I like the Assassin a little better but it really comes down to what cam system you prefer.

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    IL 88

    Did you get any Fugitives or Dead Eyes? The Outlaw doesn't give me any wiggle room for DL since it only goes down to 26.5" so I am leaning toward an Assassin or one of the other Diamonds. That is if I can get the Invasion out of my head!

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    I have yet to shoot the Outlaw but I am certain the Assassin is the best bang for the buck in the BT lineup or any other manufacture for that matter. IBO 333, smooth as silk, zero shock and reasonably priced! A couple weekends ago I worked a show and we brought one to shoot. I truly could not believe the responses we got and once we told them the MSRP with the RAK they thought it was some type of show special. Even other shooters from other companies were impressed. I use to have a Black Ice and that too was impressive to me. Shoot them both before you make your decision, but you will not go wrong with either.
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    The only Fugitive I've played with was Chris Brackett's bow. It felt quite a bit nicer to me than the Outlaw. The draw was a lot nicer and the flex guard is a definite plus.

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    I would go with the bowtech, two cams are always better than one.

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    Assassin is a heck of a bow. Very fast and extremely quiet. Heck of a bow for the money imo

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    I was not real sure about the two cam deal. the only bows i have owned have been single cams (mostly Diamond). I currently shoot a Black Ice but would like to have something a little faster. Shooting them ahead of time would be great but can hardly ever find a left handeded one in stock.

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    I have shot both bows, The Assassin is a great bow, draws smooth, good back wall. I am still excited to shoot the Diamond outlaw as the local pro shop only received one and something was wrong with it (as soon as you started drawing back, it would back a creep, or kind of a grating sound three of us tried it and we all felt it.) I am hoping this was just the one bow as I was really hoping to get the outlaw, as $100 right now is $100 more to my student loans. Has anyone else had this problem with the diamond outlaw?

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    I am 53 and just purchased the ASSASSIN and let me tell you it is one sweet smooth and fast shootin rig. I have mine set at almost 70 lbs and my draw length is 29 and it is a smoker. Got her dialed in today and was punching the center out of a paper plate at 80 yds consistently. You won't be disappointed with the performance of it, I haven't shot the Outlaw but I recommend you shoot as many bows in that price range as you can then let what feels comfortable and shoots well for you be the deciding factor. Oh by the way I offered my pro shop $575.00 and he took it so there is a little room to play on the price. Happy bow hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPARKER View Post
    I was not real sure about the two cam deal. the only bows i have owned have been single cams (mostly Diamond). I currently shoot a Black Ice but would like to have something a little faster. Shooting them ahead of time would be great but can hardly ever find a left handeded one in stock.
    Same as you man. Though I decided to go for the gusto and ordered my Dead Eye today! Should be here by the end of March.

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    I have shot both bows and am in the same predicament as you. Shot assassin, waited for outlaw to come in and they sold the last assassin the day the outlaw came in so I was unable to shoot side by side. Both nice and good value for the money. In my mind I liked the assassin better. Seems like it had less vibration and easier to draw. Also think it is 30 ata where outlaw is 32. Salesman said he liked binary better but could not explain why. Maybe someone here can help me with that.

    Regardless I am waiting for next assassin shipment because they ordered the smooth mods for me to try also. Someone please compare disadvatage/advantage of solo versus binary please! Thanks

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    Shot both side by side today, along with a PSE Vedetta. Walked out the door with the Diamond. Draw is just a little better than the Bowtech, and all other things seemed exactly the same to me. The PSE was a little harsher on draw, and more noise. Both the bowtech and Diamond are very quite, and shock free. I love the backwall on both bows. The bow really fit me, and thats what its all about. $499 for the total package is a great price IMHO. I think they have a winner for the working man with this one.

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    I also shot both today side by side. I am not good enough to articulate any significant difference. The Assassin felt slightly better in the hand and if I had to make a decision I would choose the Assassin. The Assassin was $599, the Outlaw $499. I certainly did not see or feel the $100 worth of difference but both seemed like a hell of a bargain compared to some of the higher end bows. Can't go wrong with either.....

    Happy Trails,

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    I shot an Outlaw at Bass Pro recently. It was a 70 pound bow turned down to 58 pounds if that matters. I thought the bow looked nice and handled well. The draw cycle was as I expected, immediate ramp up but smooth, to get the stated speeds. After the shot there was some hand shock even with the supplied stabilizer. The bow was a little louder than I would have liked (PSE BMXS and Bear Mauler were quieter). I wish you could get this bow bare and install your own accessories.

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    Well I went to the local Schnees and tried out both the Outlaw, Assassin a used Black Ice, a used 09 ? Bowtech Admiral. I had each of them set up to my draw length and shot a bunch of arrows through each. I preferred the 2 new bows early on in the testing and then fired a bunch with both the Assassin and the Outlaw. I ultimately preferred the Outlaw simply because I preferred the draw of the single cam Outlaw. I found the Assassin's draw to have a hump half way through the cycle and the Outlaws draw to be more progressive with the hump at the end of the draw. I prefer the increased resistance at the end of the draw cycle ( because its easier for me to pull through that resistance with my arms further apart) so walked out the door with the Outback. I am not a archery guru, just walked into a shop without any preconceptions about brand or models and chose what felt and shot best. There is no doubt it is fast and accurate. Was stacking arrows on top of one another in no time. Swapped out the RAK rest for a fall away and will probably swap out the grip for something a little more substantial. $499 fully equipped- its a "no brainer" for those that dont need a "Top shelf" prestige named bow.

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    Haven't shot an outlaw. Love the assassin. I don't care for solocams.
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