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Thread: Bird Fleshing Wheel

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    Bird Fleshing Wheel

    Anybody ever make a bird flesher? If so could you possibly post pics and kind of explain how you went about it. Working on getting my taxidermy certificate and really enjoy doing waterfowl. Currently working on a preening bufflehead, should be done in 2 weeks or so (taking taxidermy course at local college for certificate).

    here is a bad pic of a bass I did last semester, my mom caught this one:


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    i removed a roof fan for someone, took the motor and the "xbracket" and just how i removed it from the fan housing, i bolted it to a sheet of that white partical board crap (for easy cleaning).

    I then nailed a piece of white wood to the bottom and for the top and 2 sides i siliconed plexi glass together.

    I bought a wire wheel for a grinder, and put it on the shaft where the fan blades used to be, and tapped the shaft and put a nut on the end, tightened, then drilled a hole through the nut and the shaft, and a cotter pin was installed (just to be sure it wouldnt loosen up, an aviation nut would have done the same)

    i wired it to a switch and a plug, plug it in, flip the switch and its time to make a mess LOL

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    wow what an idea! don't think i would have ever come with that one. do you know what the specs on the motor are?

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    i got no idea... never looked.

    im working on making a bird tumbler in a few weeks... i got a treadmill someone threw out that works... gonna take the motor and variable speed switch and hook it up to a bucket with a few lazy susans...

    any motor that spins fast like a fan or grinder should be fine for flesher..

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    kinda cool
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