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Thread: Qdm

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    Im doing a college paper on QDM and im wondering what would be good topics for it.
    I was thinking talking about foodplots and taking only 8 point bucks or bigger to manage the deer heard.
    I was wondering what some other topics for my paper would be.

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    doe harvest would be at the top of the list.also providing thick cover really helps hold deer on you property.

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    how long does your paper need to be???

    I would really talk about a good balanced buck doe ratio since that is a key factor. Talk about year round nutrition and how it plays a key role in the antler growing phase. your eight point topic is good but an even more important factor is the age of the buck at harvest not just the points. You would have more routes to go with if you wrote on age rather than points- exp- a 2 year old deer can be a 120 inch 8 point but what could he have been if he was 5 type thing

    If your paper only needs to be a couple pages then you got it easy, but any longer and you need some more topics....usually
    Keep it simple

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    From what I understand, QDM was not devised as a way for hunters kill larger buck, but rather to have a balanced herd dynamic. Such a case would be a balanced buck to doe ratio, a balanced age structure of animals, and keeping the herd well within the carrying capacity of the land. Topics I would include would be possible agressive doe harvest, habitat improvements such as planting food plots, clear cutting mature growth to provide more browse and cover, thinning trees such as planted pines when the understory is choked out, teaching hunters to properly estimate age of deer and then only taking mature bucks and eventually even excluding immature does, taking data such as jawbone analysis and fetal measurements to determine conception dates and weighing the animals harvested.

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    There is a thread about that Brittingham "spelling" guy out of Texas on another site. I had a good laugh when fencing in deer is considered an integral part of QDM down there in Texas!
    Like there's no way you can have big deer without a high fence and feeders!
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    Yep the Doc has it .. That is QDM... The process of Guaranteeing a balanced , Healthy Quality herd.

    Food Plots do not accomplish this. QDM should not depend on artificial food sources to sustain a balanced heard.

    Then you have what should be called Quality Rack Management.. Selective harvest of Bucks and Food plots rich in the necessary building blocks to grow big racks .

    They are simply not the same thing . In reality One should always practice QRM within the framework of a QDM.

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    Thanks for the help it needs to be an 8 min speach. You have gave me several ideas and i know i can go off this good.
    O by the way i have a liberal teacher that hates hunting so im trying to show her that hunting is good for deer. And not all hunters are out just to kill kill kill some hunter are out to take care of the wild life when they are hunting and on the off season.
    thanks for the help

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    you should also consider age too like only harvesting 3.5 or 4.5 or older deer
    and kill some does

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