Whats the most powerful crossbow?


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    Whats the most powerful crossbow?

    looking to buy one...dont know alot about them, was hoping someone could help....if its advertised 345fps...will it really do that? also what are the crossbows to look at...thanks

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    I wouldn't go for the speed alone.
    if you are looking for speed, look at the Barnetts, they have the longest power stroke and have been known for years to be the fastest and a good bang for the buck.

    If you want a "balance between quality, accuracy and speed regardless of cost. Some of the Ten Point Xbows are hard to beat, except they are expensive.

    If cost is the biggest issue and speed is a little less of a concern...Horton is a good and durable Xbow.

    If it were me, I would probably go with the Barnett quad 400.
    Supposedly it puts 22" bolts w/100grn heads downrange at 345fps.
    The thing I like about this, is they do it with added powerstroke(15.5") instead of more poundage(150lb for barnett) the other manufacturers tend to crank up the poundage to on some models 200 or more. most are in the 165-175lb range. And their speeds are with a 20" bolt rather than 22".

    I like the longer bolt going faster with less strength required to draw it.

    Heavier draw, means faster strecth and harness wear.
    I do like the quality of the 10 pt Xbows, trigger is awesome.
    Hortons are know for taking a beating, and almost everbody carries Horton accessories.

    Bolts for a 20" are avaliable everywhere, 22" bolts may be a little harder to find.(Barnett for sure you can order)

    I have 2 of the Horton legends, and an older Horton Dakota, all are 150lb, shoot 20" bolts around 240fps. All have dropped deer and 1 has put one down at 42yds this year.

    If you want to know more about them and are considering buying one feel free to PM me, I can help you get pointed in the right direction.
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    Thanks for the info...i am leaning towards the revolution by barnett...i like the 345fps and the dark stock they use.....do you think this would be a good bow to hunt deer with? Thanks

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    Just about any will go over the 320fps mark, check for fit forst and shoot it as well there are some that are really loud even for a crossbow and some really vibrate a lot. If you stay with the main companies you will be OK. Horton,Ten Point,Excalibur produce some of the best out there.

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    Before this thread gets gummed up with knuckleheads
    I see some advertised that are doing 370fps.

    speed= noise. Sure they are fast, BUT, you cant shoot past 25 yards cause a turtle could jump the string. I never knew how loud they were till a friend shot his about 100 yards thru the woods, I jumped! I thought he got off his stand and moved closer for whatever reason-
    Save your money on the superfast and get a Horton 150# limbs. They are accurate and overall good quality. I just sold one, scope, case,sling, 9 bolts, new cables EX condition on ebay for 250.00. Dont plan on shooting past 25 yards- no matter what they tell ya! I had mine for 5 years and used it quite a bit. they all are loud to my knowledge.

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    There was a crossbow at the ATA show that shoots a 340 gr bolt at 370 fps.
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    Excalibur ExoMax is the best most powerful Xbow out there. IMHO. I know several guys who use them and love them. I've killed deer with the exocet and it is powerfull enough. Two buddies of mine this year have blasted Wasp Jackhammers through deer with the Exocet this year alone. I feel Excaliburs have the best triggers out there. I, personally, would buy the Exocet if I was in the market to buy a new Xbow. Its not too powerfull that you can't cock it with your hands if you leave your cocking mechanism at home. Just my $.02 based on experience. Rob.
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    yeah it would suck to walk a mile, climb a tree to find no cocking battery grinder in your backpack
    Stick with 150 pound limbs IMO

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    My dad has a TenPoint Titan. I helped him sight it in this fall. Accuracy was 5" at 40 yds. He hated carrying it into the woods because it was very heavy and awkward to carry in the woods. I was really surprised at how loud it is. It didn't seem to bother the deer though. He had two bucks come by his stand. He shot the larger of the two buck at 25 yds. The buck he hit bolted, but the second buck just looked around for a few seconds before trotting off.

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    I will tell you the truth-having owned or shot extensively every brand commonly available.

    The excalibur brand bow is the best-PERIOD. all of their bows use the same components so the reliability is the same even if you buy the cheapest model-the vixen.

    ever wonder why most major 3D xbow shoots are won with excaliburs? they are the most accurate

    they are the only brand that you can change the string on without a press or spending 15 minutes backing out the limbs
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    My father has both a Barnett and Ten Point Stealth X2. I visited him in AR this fall with the hope of killing a deer with a xbow (the last legal weapon on my list). Well, after missing 2 deer at 20 yards with the Barnett, I was thinking I should have brought my Hoyt. Then he let me use the Ten Point. I couldn't believe the difference! The trigger was horrible on the Barnett, but the Ten Point was as good as many rifles I have shot. I was able to double lung a "huge" yearling doe my last eve there with the Ten Point at 30 yards shooting left handed.

    That being said, I have also shot the Excalibur and it would be my first choice, followed closely by the Ten Point.

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