Archery shops in Germany, Netherland, Belgium and France


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    Archery shops in Germany, Netherland, Belgium and France

    I will go on holiday to france this year and is wondering if any one have any knowledge about where to find a website in which I find dealers in france ? Or if you have a specific web adress. I will be greatful for every tip.

    Here follows a little roadtrip discription.

    Here a little discription: GERMANY: Puttgarden, Lubeck, Hamburg, Bremen, Recklinghausen, Flaesheim, Essen, Hannover, Oberhausen, Duisburg. NETHERLANDS: Masstricht, Eijsden. BELGIUM: Liege, Luxembourg. FRANCE: Reims, Amiens and finally Le Havre. And the same way home( lives in sweden).

    Perhaps some one have tips along this route. Thanks in advance/Stålis

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    In Hamburg : Archery Direkt Pro Shop, Haydnstrasse 13, 22761 Hamburg, Phone:+49 40 89070040
    Excellent Shop for Compound Bow´s and Equipment.

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    Tours, France.
    In France : STAR ARCHERIE (Tours)
    Elite Tour 2011 50# 28.5", Ninja Black Hidden Content / rest : NAP Quiktune 3000 / sight : Shibuya Ultima CPX 520 / scope : Beiter 39mm / stabilizer : Easton X10 / arrows : VAP V6 / release : AS 304P

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