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Thread: Bowtech Assassin vs Diamond Outlaw Side By Side

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    Bowtech Assassin vs Diamond Outlaw Side By Side

    New here and my first post. Also new to archery. After being a big AR, Pistol, and Shotgun guy shooting is getting far too expensive. So I decided to get into archery, 3D, Target...possibly hunting. So over the past few weeks I have been getting behind the grip of quite a few bows.

    I start with a very beginner yet nice BPS Kronik. Surprisingly smooth and compact. This is an excellent bow for the money the back wall is decent and it only lacks the FPS...303 30" draw 70#. It is actually made pretty well. A bow that Diamond makes for Bass pro. I also shot the Bear charge, it wasnt very smooth and the quality was below average but it is priced right but in the same price range of the kronik, I felt the kronik is a much better bow overall. The bear had far more vibration to it as well compared to the kronik. Bear from when I was much younger has slide. I shot a Fugitive next to the Charge. The fugitive is fast, nicely balanced yet because it has a single cam it has a huge hump pulling towards the back wall. I do like the left off on the Fugitive. Single Cams seems to do the left off better then a parallel but the pars are far smoother throughout the entire draw. The fugitive was quite nice and very fast. There was very little vibration and the draw was still smooth considering the single cam hump. I shot it extremely well and the bow felt good in the hand.

    My latest trip had me shot an Diamond Outlaw side by side to an Bowtech Assassin. Both constructed well, finish is identical (InVelvet on both), Accessories also similar. Strings are better on the Bowtech the draw is smoother throughout but there was creep and the left off isnt 80% as the Diamond is. The Diamond has some very small is very light but is noticable after you shot the Assassin. I put about 50 arrows thru both. 27" draw and 53#. I really liked the leftoff on the Diamond far better, I can hold it longer (not that it is heavy but still, I believe this would lead to a better more accurate shot). Speed is so similar but the Outlaw did fell faster. I did not gauge the speed although I would like to. There is 100 dollar difference between the 2. I like the low to no vibration and smooth draw of the Assassin and love the left off on the Outlaw. I am stuck...both felt good in the hand. Can I get over the tight creep and left off of the Assassin? Let me know your take. Thanks

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    I believe the assassin can be tuned to get 80% letoff, I think that is what it is supposed to be anyway! All binary cam bows that I can think of are 80%. Hope this helps!
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    i shot booth. my dad bought the assasin my wife got the heartbreaker. i went with a martin this time. i like the assasin over the outlaw

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    I liked the Assassin best also, and ended up buying it. I really love this bow. about the let off, I shot 65% for the past 11 years and with my Assassin at 80% its a huge difference. Ive been shooting it now for over a month and have had no issues, and now have my pins set and getting nice groups out to 50yds.

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    I might add that the Assassin was very balanced and had less felt vibration in the handle. The vibration difference was noticeable not that the Outlaw was terrible it was just significantly better on the assasssin as I have already said. Balance is really impressive on the Assassin considering its price point. The bow did not tip up or down after the arrow was released. The Binary cam design is much better in balancing the shot out then a single such as the Outlaws. Brace heights are the same and axel to axel is similar. If I can adjust the let off a little more I would like the assassin quite a bit more. But there is still the Creep on the Assassin, I might just be too inexperience to understand it yet or have a fell for it but I find myself pulling it back harder then the Outlaw. Noise, they are both quiet, I could not tell the difference between the 2. Can the creep be adjusted on the Assassin...knowing the binary cam design I wouldnt think it could be. The Outlaw when setup had no creep and the let off was definitely 80%. I could hold it long and also easy making my shots more accurate. I believe for the beginner the single cam creep is more forgiving. I like both quite a bit and each has its strengths and weaknesses. I do love the fact that so much bow can be bought now for not a ton of money.

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    Just want to say great review. Thanks
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    sounds to me like the drawstop peg was not set correctly on the assassin.....that would explain the letoff issue and the creep. i have a assassin and the let off is over 80% and the bow does not creep at all.

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    How do you adjust the let off on the Assassin?

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    Thanks Shakeandshoot. I think you convinced me to go with the Assassin. The one I shot probably wasnt adjusted right. But also I believe there is some breakin as well. I just need the pro shop to set it up right. I believe on some of these bows the pro shop can easily make or break them the sale if they screw it up. I wanted a 52# and a 27" draw, BPS had me grasp the throat arrow to size me. And this other shop had me draw back on a bow setup just to measure draw length.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soapboxpreacher View Post
    How do you adjust the let off on the Assassin?
    there is a drawstop peg on the bottom cam. If your shooting 27", take an allen wrench and loosen the peg and rotate it to i "believe" #4. Tighten down and ur done.

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    Once again Thank Shakeandshoot. I believe this will also help the creep as well. Now I feel more then confident in the Assassin!

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    I am not certain my draw is 27 or 26.5"

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    So, is the bow at the bowshop shooting significantly better for you?? Box stores are good for some and not so good for others. I would like to read a heads up for both bows at there best.....................

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    I own a destroyer 350 but went to The shop sat to let my 13 year old cousin find a bow. I shot both the outlaw and assassing several times side by side. I liked the outlaw better Everytime. I shot several of each bow with diff types of stabilizer and rest combos and the outlaw was the best shooting to me. My destroyer was way smoother than both to me and the assassin wasn't very smooth to me. I shot the invasion also and it was awesome Even with no stab. WIth stab unbelievable. Almost bought me one. If my little cousin didn't need a bow to help get him into a good hobby and stop acting up I would have left with the invasion no doubt. So I will be going today to get his new outlaw. Taking off the hostage rest and putting a qad hdx in red on It. Thinking about upgrading the right to The trophy ridge hit-man micro. He wants the trophy ridge outlaw since it has the same name. Can't decide which stab to get. The ssi look to be pretty cool and I hear they do the job well. Good luck with your new hobby. Hope you don't expect this hobby to be cheap... You won't go wrong with either bow. Def both are very nice.

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    The draw stop peg plays a large role in the amount of creep there is. If you adjust the peg to just over what the setting should be at youll notice little creep and youll be at 80%. I shoot 28" and have my peg sitting just over the #5 mark you might have to play with it a little to get it perfect for you.
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    Follow up, bought the Assassin and have about 500 arrow thru it. I have zero regrets on this purchase. Once I adjusted this bow it has been perfect!!! It has far exceeded my expectations! I robinhooded my first arrow around 250-300 arrows thru @35 yards. I cannot say enough good about this bow. I am very confident with it. But also lets remember its price puts it reachable for everyone. Speed puts it up among those bow cost far more and finally it comes with a great warranty. Everyone who has tried it loves it. I have it set at 27.5" @ 62....I got the 50-60 and I wish I would have done the 60-70. The more I pull it the stronger I get and the more I like the power.

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    Glad you like your bow! Sounds like you are shooting really well too! As far as more lbs, there is no need really. Even if you can pull that much, your arrow is still moving the way it is and there is no need to injure yourself by repeatedly pulling 70lbs.
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    great review,,,,glad you found a winner

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    Have you shot the bow threw a Chrono? Shooting most compotions you have to be below 280 fps to compete, at least where i shoot. You might be right were you need to be! (you said in your original post you were wanting to shoot in 3-d, target, cant be too fast)

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    I need to get to the shop they have a chrono. I think I should be close to 280. At 62lbs with a 27.5" draw should be right on.

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    I bought the outlaw and have never had the slightest regret. Great bow.

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