2007 Bowtech-Diamond Rapture RH


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    2007 Bowtech-Diamond Rapture RH

    Hey guys, due to me being broke and simply needing money I am going to sell my 2007 Diamond Rapture. It is a RH model 29" Draw Length and 70# Limbs. Strings were replaced last year and have zero stretch and little wear. I will include my Flambeau hard plastic bow case along with 4 Beaman Bowhunter ICS carbon arrows. Also included will be a wrist release, 3 Rage 2-blade broadheads and 2 Rage 3-blade broadheads, a forearm guard, 4 Blazer Shrink Fletchings, and an assortment of field points, bow wax, and bow tuning tools.

    The bow has a Tru Glo aftermarket 3-pin fiber optic sight, wrist sling, aftermarket teflon cable guard slide, a whisker biscuit arrow rest, 6 arrow quiver, and noise reducers throughout the libs and string. Bow is 31 1/2 inches Axle-to Axle, has a very forgiving Brace Height of 8", and shoots around 305-310 FPS.

    This is a super easy-shooting compound that would be great for both a beginner or seasoned veteran looking for a smaller, more compact bow. This bow is very maneuverable and is especially effective out of a ground blind or thick trees and cover.

    I am asking $350 OBO for everything plus the cost of shipping. I will include pictures later tonight. If you have any questions, email me at navyspc@yahoo.com



    Here are some of the reviews for the Bow, posted on Cabelas and Bass Pro


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    Here is a link to a photo album i set up on photobucket with some pictures of the Rapture, the Bemans, and the case and misc. stuff that comes with it.


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    Alright, make me an offer somebody. Anything reasonable will probably take this bow.

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    250.00 tyd

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    Is this bow package still available and if so where are you located ?

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