Advantages to dovetail sight?


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    Advantages to dovetail sight?

    I am needing a new sight and want a fixed pin for Hunter class 3d. Is there an adv to dovetail sight? I am thinking Sword, Viper or others in this price range. Also, I would like .010 pins.

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    Personal preference really, but having the pins further away from the bow helps me aim better and hold more steady. You can also take the sight off if it doesn't fit really well in your case, I also shot the .010 pins and thought they were great.

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    It makes the pins smaller too, which will effectively block less of the target picture. I love my Viper Pro 2000's.
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    Consider it like having a longer barrel on a gun, makes for better accuracy.
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    Because they look so damn cool!


    You can get the housing to match the size of the peep using one and I personaly think of it like rifle sights. The farther the sight and the peep are from each other, the more accurate it will be. Word of caution though, if you dont have the bow set right for you, they exagerate problems with float, i.e. to long a draw type floatand such

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    A dovetail gives you adjustment to center your aperature and even remove it entirely for transport. Look hard at Sword. The Sword Apex 3rd plane will meet your needs for sure!
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