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    American Archery

    I have an American Archery Barracuda I was wondering if anybody had any info on them, I know they are from O conto Falls but I don't know anything else about the bow. Can anybody help me?

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    I shot AA bows for a few years, Cheetahs and Shark, but don't recall the "Barracuda."

    Not too much info still around about the American Archery Company, and it had very diverse history of ownership and CEOs. The only person still around that I can think of that was once connected with American Archery that might know about your bow is Dave Barnsdale of "Barnsdale Archery." Although, he might have been with AA when AA started making wheel bows.

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    I have a American Cheetah that is perfect hanging in my basement if anyone is interested in it! It is a 55-70#, and 29-31" draw..spotless, kind of a decoration of sorts! I don't know where to find information either!
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    is that the cheetah convertable that you have? i have a as new cheetah special hunter recurve that was bought in 1982 by my little brother for a shoulder exerciser & never had an arrow shot out of it. he would pull it twice a day: morning & evening for about 2 years to strenghthen a bum shoulder. it is a very under rated bow, it is quick.

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    Cheetah convertible???...Sounds like the Cheetah McChesney is talking about is a compound bow…I know American made the transition into compounds. Had my heart stopped though…always interested in another Cheetah.

    As for the Baracuda, yup…seen pictures but one never came my way. I do know American made them early enough for some to have foil labels, but unsure of their entire length of production. My American Shark has silk screened logos and my best guess on the fish-named bows kinda assumes Baracudas saw the same era of production…as they have somewhat of a resemblance.

    Not much help for the OP, but for those interested, American made Cheetahs before leaving Clarendon hills and moving to Oconto Falls...but the bow was a very different design and unrecognizable next to more recent models.

    Good Luck with your search. Rick.

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    The cheetah that I have is a compound....I don't shoot it! I was just curious if anyone had an interest in it!!
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    along about the end of there run they made a bow that they called the convertible, it had recurve limbs & compound limbs with the wheels & cables , all as a set. little brother almost bought it rather than the cheetah recurve.

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    What are you asking for this Dinosaur bow

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    I have an American archery barracuda as well. It was given to me some years back. I found this thread researching the OP's same question.
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