Please help with information on a Jennings T-Star II Composite Bow


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    Please help with information on a Jennings T-Star II Composite Bow

    I have just bought this bow at a yard sale. It is the first composite bow I have ever owned. I have attached two pictures of it. It is a Jennings T-Star II, serial number AA36525. An additional stamp on the metal reads TRH. I have not even shot it yet, as I still need to buy a release. I know it is old, but can anyone tell me from the pictures and the info exactly how old this bow is? If possible, a ballpark monetary value of the bow would be appreciated as well, but I plan on keeping it unless it is worth a lot more than I expect, which I doubt. I only paid $20 for it, and then I had to pay a guy $40 to put a string on it and get the cables done right.
    Anyway, I expect this bow to be fun to shoot, and I thank y'all in advance for any info you can give me about it.
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    My first compound bow was a Jennings T-Star ll Hunter bought in 1976. It was a good shooter and I think I paid $350 for it back then.

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    Welcome to Archery Talk. I just looked up a couple on ebay. One in rougher condition than yours went for $20.00 plus $15.00 shipping. A left handed one (rare probably) was listed on another site for $100.00 and another for $17.50 I'd say you got a bargain. Glad to hear you have already taken it to a pro shop for new string and inspection. Good luck.

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