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Thread: probation/parole and hunting

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    probation/parole and hunting

    i was wondering how many of you are a probation/parole officers. Im just about done with my bachelors degree in criminal justice (1 yr) and im seriously looking into probation officer as a job once i'm done with school. Im just curious hwo this type of job would work out with me liking to hunt/ and fish through out most the of year?

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    well I am in law enforcement,. I just took of 7 working days paid and have from sept. 14-30 in the woods 12 hr days 14 days a month..
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    I did my internship back in the day with adult probation and worked as a juvenile PO for a while.
    It wasn't great for hunting because of the fact that you have to carry a caseload which meant that I had to do extra work before and after any time off. Court cases can also screw up your schedule. My advice to you would be to stay away from juvenile though. I felt like a glorified babysitter and report writer, but I guess that stuff is going to vary from state to state.
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    My cousin is a PO and he has to make 3 hour trips a couple times a month from Southern MD to Western MD to check on some of his parolees. Plus case loads and court cases will get thrown in there on a moments notice.
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    I work at a Federal Prison, I take a month every year to guide whitetail in Illinois. It is a great job with awsome pay and benefits.

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