8X32 or 8X42??


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Thread: 8X32 or 8X42??

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    8X32 or 8X42??

    I bought some Leica 8X32 binoculars. I'm just wondering how brighter the 8X42s would be. I tried them both outside and I couldn't tell much difference, but it wasn't in low light conditions. Given that the 8X32s have a larger field of view and are smaller and lighter and easier to wear all day, I might just stick with these. What do you guys think, are the light gathering abilities of the 8X42s worth lugging around a 31oz. bino. all day? I'll be using them for a variety of tasks, spot and stalk hunting out west, 3Ds, but mostly tree stand hunting here in Tx.

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    Your eye can only use so much light effectively, so sometimes the larger objectives don't give you that much advantage. Especially if talking equal quality from the same manufacturer. However I would have thought that the larger ones would offer you more field of view at the same power, not less. That is usually the advantage.


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    I like a 7X32 zeiss for hunting light weight good light, but i use 10X42 on 3-d 7x32 works great for whitetail but out west if you are classing allday pack the extra weight with the best to can afford it is alot easier on the eyes

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    Isn't 8x the limit in 3D?
    I thought this was the case around here but it wouldn't be the 1st time I was wrong.

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    asa is still 8X i think but im about positive ibo is 10x

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    At 1000 yards the field of view on the 8X32 is 442 feet. The 8X42 is 390 feet.

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    section from ibo rules

    "C. Cameras or range finding devices are not allowed on any of the shooting ranges regardless of use. Binoculars (hand held) will be allowed with a maximum of 8X magnification per manufacturers specification."

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    Because I use the samo bino's for scouting as I do for hunting, the extra light the larger objective allows is worth the extra weight and money for me. I would opt for a 8 or 10 x 50.

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    Actually IBO has a 8 power limitation not ASA, Ibo will now let you go to 8.5. I think that is because Swarovski is a sponser and they developed a binocular that is 8.5. Can't let that sponser money go away. I think they should do away with any power limits.

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