New Online Archery Ballistic Calculators


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    New Online Archery Ballistic Calculators

    Just a note to tell everybody that I've added several online archery calculators to my website ( They can be used to calculate an arrow's speed, energy & momentum, trajectory and accuracy, and a bow's dynamic shooting efficiency. There have been numerous questions in this forum about these topics over the years and they should help to answer some of the questions.

    Take a look at them and give me some feedback. Do they work ok on your computer? Are they useful/interesting? Easy to understand? Etc. Etc.

    Just go to the site and click on the "Free Archery Calculators" tab.


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    Hey thanks for those they work great on my computer. Fast calculations to they don't sit there and grind out the numbers for several seconds it is instant results. I like some of the features that i haven't found on others like the trajectory calculator advances for where you will hit and if you will hit the target killzone size. Thanks for the great tool.
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    Thanks for the help and the high rating. This was my first attempt at javascript programming and I'm happy with the results. Just wanted to get some other views.

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