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    well i got my new EV1 stab a few weeks ago and finally today i was able to shoot with it on for the first time since i got it due to work,weather and a screwed up shoulder but anyways,this stab rocks for the price, i went with a box jax on the end of it,put it on my drenalin which didnt have much vibration in it to begin with but the little that it did have i DO NOT feel anymore at all,i had some cheap stab on before and the bow just wasnt stayin to steady like i wanted thats not a problem anymore,im grouping a little tighter and everything,its a great stab for a hunting setup for sure,i couldnt find any reviews on them so i just went out on a limb on buying it and im happy with it hands down,if u dont wanna pay a ton of money for a 6 inch stab u should check these out for sure

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    Thanks for the review.

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    no problem,no much of a review im not good at the stuff cant think of the right words to use lol figured i would put something out there for people to see incase they were lookin at the EV1 or anything cuz i couldnt find nothing about them

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