redhead xps-34 question


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    redhead xps-34 question

    i got an xps 34 cheap but it is missing the "bottom" cam the top cam says FX cam & 1/2. i have looked all over the internet but can't find a place to buy a replacement do you guys have an idea where i might find one.

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    They're basically HOYT Cam and a Half Plus cams. Get some of those with the same size marked on them and you should be good to go. I built a frankenbow with one, which I put Hoyt XT2000 limbs and SpiralX cams on. Nice shooter really.

    I still have the other limbs and cams (#6 Reflex Slam and a Half cams), which were 60-70 pounds and 27-30 inch drawlength. The cams are good and the bearings are perfect, they were just painted black is all. They used to be camo I believe. I don't remember the string and cable specs, though, but BPS may be able to get the tune charts for you. You could have the cams really cheap.
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    Just in case you didn't know, the Redhead XP and XPS bows were made for Bass Pro by Reflex which was a now-defunct subsidiary of Hoyt, and similar to some of the Hoyt models from about 4-6 years ago. Many Hoyt parts are interchangeable.

    The FX cam was very similar to the Cam 1/2+, but only came in 1 size on one model XPS bow to give a draw range of 27-30", and I believe it would be similar to the #5 Cam 1/2+.

    I couldn't find a Hoyt with the Cam 1/2+ and similar dimensions, but it wouldn't be too hard to figure out.

    If you found an original Cam 1/2 #5 you could use the string/cable specs from the 2006 Lazertec - that would get you close and with a similar draw length range, since the 2 bows have similar specs, XPS34 - 33 1/2 ATA and 7 1/2 BH compared to Lazertec - 34 ATA and 7 1/4. Add an inch to the cables and string and that would give you an XP35 which was the previous Redhead model with the same riser and limbs as the XPS34 but with less limb pre-load, a slightly lower BH and slightly longer ATA. The XP "Slam 1/2" cams were more similar to the original Cam 1/2.

    You can occasionally find the older Cam 1/2s here in the AT classifieds, and the Cam 1/2+ is still being made.

    There are other cam options, but then you get into limb deflection issues and it's probably not worth bothering with unless you're a frankenbow expert.

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    it scares me you guya know this stuff. thanks very much for the help.

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