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    I am in the draw for Wy. but if I am not drawn I will be looking at the N.W. Corner of S.D. for Antelope. I'm old so will be Bowhunting from a blind. Any information on an area would be appreceiated. I know they had 2 bad winters & Antelope count may be low..I'm just looking to Bowhunt, not head gear...PM would be fine. Thanks.
    Pic is my Doe from DIY WY last year. I had 3 days to hunt last year & took this doe noon of my 3rd day...I could have taken a 2nd Doe but 1 was enough. This was my 1st Antelope Bowhunt in 54 years of Bowhunting. Now I would like to try for a Buck but a doe will do just fine...
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    Always Thankful

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