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    With regards to people buying land and then making it off limits to hunting, it seems as though hunters rarely look at oil companies as a major source of trouble. In Colorado we continuously have "land grabs" where large tracts of national forests and other public lands get sold at auction only to oil companies. That land will never be hunted on by you or me again. The Three Forks ranch in New Mexico, I believe, is a prime example of that. It is a huge chunk of once public land, bought by Exxon and now hunted only buy oil executives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bow weevil View Post
    I am not going to post a bunch of links, but Americas sweetheart turned @@##$%# pamela anderson is a huge supporter of PETA. I didn't see her name on the list.
    She's out of my dreams now,she's out of my dreams ,she's out of my dreams.I'm working on it !

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    I don't know how many of you have noticed this but, with the exception of Derek, nearly all the comments are the same in this discussion. It is really nothing more than finger pointing and an on-line witch hunt. I think we can all agree that there are many organizations and people that are against hunting. Accept it. Not everyone agrees with you and I and that is their right. If you don't like it, then join a pro-hunting group. If you are already a member then increase your pledge. Many of you seem to think that hunting is the type of thing that you are either for or against. I have talked to many non-hunters about hunting and have found that many of them are just uninformed on the subject. After just a few minutes of talking I have noticed that many people see that hunting is at least necessary and many people are actually very impressed with bowhunting. If you want people on our side, then make a point to talk to people that are not necessarily for or against us. You are are not winning anyone over on this website. We all want to preserve hunting here. When you talk to people be respectful of their views and be clean...don't talk about the thickest blood trail you have ever followed and don't talk about how you made a gut shot last year then trailed a deer 10 miles and lost it. On another topic, many of the organizations that hunters seem to hate have actually had a huge benefit to our sport, particularly in the western states. Organizations like The Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy have worked very closely with organizations like Pheasants Forever and The Rocky Mountain Elk foundation to buy land or prevent energy or land development in areas that are important to the game we hunt. In the end the biggest threat to hunting and fishing will be the loss of habitat.

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    They used to be a charity funded organization dedicated to preventing abuse and neglect of animals. Now they have become like PETA and are clear on their stand against bowhunting. It states on their website that they are against the use of archery equipment to kill animals because it isn't as humane as using a firearm, even though the evidence found in many different studies says otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Washi View Post
    I've pretty much quit using Google because they block anything firearm related. they dont...or am i missing something? seriously i can go to any gun sight (remington sako winchester) using their serch engine

  9. Have you caught the William Shatner's/Capt Kirk new Peta add on TV.


    Just a heads up, it looks like Disney is looking to remake Bambi

    Finally, Mel Gibson (search) the new Michael Eisner? A consortium of European investors is courting Mel to take over Disney.

    "Gibson has the sensibilities Hollywood needs," according to a source close to the actor.

    The people behind the push point to "The Passion" and say that's the kind of profitability they like. I like Bob Sommerby from's observation -- "that remake of Bambi is going to be brutal"

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    Anyone ever watch the movie "Blooded"...check it out

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    The latest P&Y Newsletter has a very interesting article written by the B&C President regarding the animal rights movement.


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    Bank of America has a HSUS credit card. I switched banks years ago because of this. Please don't bank with them!!

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    I forget on which forum I read this but the claim was that e-bay asks for donations for the HSUS after each purchase..I don"t recall if it was all purchases or just those related to hunting. can anyone confirm or discredit this claim? My purchase with E-bay have been few so I don't recall.

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