Any VA hunters hunt the Mattaponi WMA in caroline????


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    Any VA hunters hunt the Mattaponi WMA in caroline????

    I'm thinkin about bowhunting there this year and was wondering if anyone has hunted there with any luck before i start scouting to look for trees to climb this fall.

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    I have not hunted the area, but I have scouted it.........

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    I live less than 1/4 mile from it. I've run my labs through it and seen deer every time. Lots of pine and cutover. I tried one day of turkey hunting there and was cockblocked by 4 different guys. Be prepared to walk, I rode a bike into the deep parts. The big swamp in the middle looks like it will hold some nice deer. Early season may be good, but I expect the dog hunters will take it over once gun season comes in.

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    Come on Rich, those boys tried hard to avoid interrupting your hunt. Maybe you should have told them where you were going so they would not intrude on you. Oh wait, you did tell them only to have them circle around to your area.

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    Two years later... Has anyone had any success hunting here?

    I'm new to the area and haven't hunted in years after being overseas with the military for awhile.

    I scouted the north side a little today and never saw anything terribly promising.

    If anyone can provide a little insight I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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