Under spined arrows?


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    Under spined arrows?

    Took a few shots with some under spined arrows that I have sitting around and arrow flight was superb. I'm shooting a tad over 70 lbs with a 29 inch draw and 30 inch arrows and the spine was only 4.24 instead of the 3.20 - 3.70 that most charts call for. I think they even flew better with 125 grain tips than 100 grains. I haven't tuned the bow yet as I just broke in new strings but the 4.24 spine arrows were much straighter flying than the 3.60 spine arrows that I had been using with that bow. Has anyone shot that little of spine and that much poundage with any success?


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    Yes this does happen,actually more often than most think or will admit,as it is what could be called an anomolly.Probably all aspects of you setup{tune,string,rest, release,form,and even others}all fell together as an almost unrepeatable set-up giving you abnormal results.I will assume this is a bow with a fairly smooth "action";but never-the-less it could be border line into the danger zone of shaft failure and/or breakage.I would guess that at longer yardages of over 40yds they may be a little more erratic in flight,but maybe not. Arrow charts have to factor in safety as one of the most important aspects of their recommendation,and for good reason,as a splintered arrow in the bow hand is not a happy thing.I would at the very least shoot a 340 spine with no morer than 100gns up front,and with that length of arrow that is still close to danger over the long run as an arrow under stress gets weaker with each shot and one that is in the safety zone of most charts is not weakened"measurably"with extended use.I offer "my" analagy instead of just saying don't do it, as I feel an honest question deserves an honest and explained answer,at least of my limited knowledge and experience....Safe Shooting-1st

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