Carbon Express Crossbows?

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    Carbon Express Crossbows?

    I searched and haven't been able to find a whole lot of info on them. I've never owned or even shot a crossbow before but I got interested and ordered up an xforce 350 tonight. I saw someone saying that Darton makes some of the parts for them but they seem to be made overseas. Anyone know? I didn't want to spend much on something only to find out I'm not into it so the xforce package looked like the best overall value to try it out on the cheap. I paid $250 for the package which included a 4x scope (not expecting much there), 3 carbon express carbon arrows, quiver, and cocking rope.

    I looked at other packages but nothing really looked decent unless I spent another $200. Any opinions on the Carbon Express or any info at all?

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    If you got the package for got a good retails for more than that at most places.....should be a pretty good shooter...Carbon Express is a well-respected name.....

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    Yeah, I noticed the price really varies quite a bit on these. A lot of places are stilling selling last year's xforce 300 for more money and without the extras. The new models look like they're ~2lbs lighter and come with better accessories so I went with the 350.

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    I just ordered one myself for $220 and free shipping, but I had a couple coupon codes for sportsmans guide. I figured for me to take out the wife and kids in the blinds 220 was well worth it. It is a carbon express and surely can't be worse than something used. I even thought about one of those crappy 69 dollar ones on ebay, 185# flinger.
    Looks like a good crossbow and haven'r found anything bad written about them yet, so hey what the heck. I went out and drank more than that every year for mardi gras!
    I will post what I find in a couple days, should be here thursday.

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