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    Quote Originally Posted by loomis77 View Post
    x Eleventy million!
    eleventy million and one. I will use nothing else. Plus they are built like tanks.

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    I had a right on wrapped 5 pin and liked it but got a smokin deal on a g5 4 pin but the 4th is a slide. And I absolutely love this sight just keep an open mind and try plenty of sights don't just jump on the big name bandwagon like I did. A buddy has the hogg it and its a sweet sight as well

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    ..Hogg It Custom

    (2) 0.019" Pins...

    (3) 0.010" Pins...

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    Hunter Hogg it for multiple pin. Hogg father for single pin adjuster. I have shot the hunter 7 pin for years and love it. Just resently got the Hogg father and it is great. The group size of my arrows is getting smaller just because I have less clutter and don't have to guess at in between yards.

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    I love my real deal wrapped!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Where's Bruce? View Post
    X a billion. Mine arrives Monday from Obsession.

    XXX times the FEDERAl DEFICIT

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    I love my Hogg it wrapped 5 pin.

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    I got a tommy hogg with the large pin guard and three pins. This let me set one pin for 20, one for 30, and the bottom pin runs 40+. IMHO it's the best of both worlds, 10 yard increments out to 40, which in the woods around here is about as far as you're gonna get a shot anyway - and single pin ranging for anything beyond. Personally don't like 5 or 7 pins - my sight picture is too busy that way, but 3 pins is easy enough to manage.

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    Boss hogg imo. 1 pin up. I love it. Just got a couple days ago and can't wait for my dang shoulder to heal up so I can sight this bad boy in. Anxious to see how far I can get out of the dial. I am guessing 100 plus until scope hits my arrow. It has 6 inches of travel on it. Pretty impressive.

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    Real Deal wrapped 5pin .19s. It's 6.3 oz and very well built, I don't need third axis for how I shoot at least not yet. Good luck
    Archery legend Glenn St. Charles, thank you!

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