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    Pse Zone riser

    Hi can any 1 give me any information on this riser good bad & ugly age & what would the value be today thanks or any 1 owned 1

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    Never owned one but seen a couple. Shot it's successor (the PSE Intrepid) once. The Intrepid was a 2000's era riser.

    IIRC, the Zone was one of those "forgotten" risers that did well, but never really took off in popularity. The only gripes that I had based on what I remember seeing is that the stabilizer hole was directly drilled into the riser (rather than using an insert), and that the ILF limb pockets looked like they were bolted on. I vaguely recall that Yamaha may have built the grip for it, but that's a LONG time back and memory isn't as good as it used to be.

    I haven't seen one up for sale, but I'd hazard a guess that $100 bucks for the riser in good shape isn't out of the question.
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