Rytera Bullet X for sale cheap starter rig


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    Rytera Bullet X for sale cheap starter rig

    I have a Rytera Bullet X for Sale

    bullet x comes with new string and cables 45-60# 27-30 inch draw cat cams shoots great. Fast and accurate.
    Great Hunting Bow
    200.00 OBO


    Pm or text to 660-973-0985 for questions

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    This bow has the cat cams
    i also have access to original vipro cams if you prefer to switch out.

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    what is the difference in the cams? also is the draw length adjustable without changing cams?

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    yes they are adjustable without changin the cam has a rotating module.

    the previous owner had cat cams installed to gain more speed.
    the original vipro cams wer slower but alot smoother drawing.

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    $175 tyd

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    why is this still mine???!!!

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