Bow Sight For Z7 Extreme Tactical


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    Bow Sight For Z7 Extreme Tactical

    HAs anyone found a bow sight that looks great & performs well on a Mathews Z7 Extreme Tactical?
    Obviously the sight needs to be black and hopefully with a carbon fiber "look".

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    I was at a proshop in Stevens Point, WI and the tech showed me his personal Z7XTac. He had an HHA Optimizer that he had custom dipped in a carbon finish. Man did it look sic! As for performance, the HHA sights are some of the best IMHO.
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    Check out Archer Xtreme Carbon Carnivore.
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    Thank you both!

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    Archer extreme carbon carnivore

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    Axion makes one that matches well.
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    Check out Axion. Go to Mathews site. They have a GXL tactical sight as well as
    two different stabilizers that all match the Z7 Extreme Tactical perfect .
    By the way , that bow looks awesome no matter what sight you have!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TennJeep1618 View Post
    Check out Archer Xtreme Carbon Carnivore.
    This what I was gonna say, and also looked at but then saw the price!
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