Is ThermaCell really scent free?


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    Is ThermaCell really scent free?

    I was thinking about getting one but its hard enough to get a big buck in bow range without adding more stuff but the bugs eat me up. Are they really scent free and do they really work?Thanks

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    They are not scent free but the deer dont seem to mind and yes they work. (Very well.)
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    Without thermacell I wouldn't be in the woods shooting deer. Scent free doubt it, but it never bothered any deer or turkey I smoked. I either hunt from a ground blind or just natural cover
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    I just looked on ebay at them and they got them with earth scent. Would that be better?

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    never bothered any deer around me,, and down here in the swamp land you either use it, wear spray which is way more noticeable or stay home,, i hate the spray because its already 90 degrees and it just makes you sweat more,, its thermocell or go home!, and i would rather hunt!

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    any of yall ever use the earth scent? I think i would like it better

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    Quote Originally Posted by hjort jagare View Post
    They are not scent free but the deer dont seem to mind and yes they work. (Very well.)
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    I've never had a deer spook from a thermacell, at least that I know of. First, your scent will be blowing in the same direction as the thermacell's scent, second - the thermacell is heated, so the scent will rise, third - the movement from swatting mosquitoes will probably get you busted sooner than anything else.
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    They are definately not scent free and to me the earth scent just smells worse... I'd stick the the regular...

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    OK sounds great.Thanks so much for the help.I have to say i love this site

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    I have the earth sent and it just smells like the fresh earth waffers.

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    Not scent free but a very wise investment to your hunting gear.

    It would be hard to sit on stand and be still and not swat at mosquitoes if you didn't have one.

    Get one and you will be amazed. Awesome here in Michigan for spring turkey hunting.
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    Worth the money for sure. I use it anytime were out around the campfire and a must have at 3d shoots all summer. Get my use out of it...

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    Well i will for sure have one in the tree with me coming Sept 24th (opening morning)

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    It has a slight odor to it but I have not seen negative reactions to it by deer or any other critter. I would not hunt here in Florida without one. To me the Thermacell was the best piece of equipment to come along in the last 25 years.
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    ya its not scent free but the smell is from a certain flower that they use in the waffers. so its a natural scent.

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    688 the other posts state, there is a scent but it doesn't bother the deer. Much needed piece of equipment for early deer hunting.
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    I use the one with earth scent...been thinking about getting the one that is doe pee scent...

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    Don't know if they are completely scent free but I cannot hunt the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia without one lest I become skeeter meat.


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