Magnus buzzcut broadhead test


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    Magnus buzzcut broadhead test

    hi to everyone. i did a broadhead test this past week and the results were amazing. here are the heads i tested. magnus buzzcut 100gr. 4 blade, 100gr. grim reaper razor tip, 100gr. swhacker, 100gr. spitfire. the test meadium was a FROZEN deer shoulder. (i know we dont hunt frozen deer but it will show how tuff a broadhead is). all broadheads were brand new. the were all shot out of my mathews z7 extreme with a 28inch draw and 71 pounds. i was using easton axis arrows .340. the total arrow weight was 432gr. and the arrow speed was 272fps. i shot all broadheads from 20 yards.
    the results= penetration from worst to best...the shwacker only got 3/4 of the head penetrated in the first side of the shoulder with back of the broadhead sticking out, the nap spitfire had same results, the grim reaper had the whole head in the shoulder but not through the off side, now the magnus buzzcut penetrated the whole shoulder with half the broadhead sticking out the back side of the FROZEN shoulder. strength results= worst to best...the shwackers ferral was bent so bad it looked like a half moon shape. blades were ok but not sharp. the grim reapers ferral was bent a little and blades were ok kind of sharp, the spitfires ferral was good and just had bent blades, the magnus buzzcut main blade had a very very slight bend to it but the blades were still really sharp.(hunting sharp). the best broadhead was by far the magnus buzzcut and its the only broadhead ill be shooting. the best part is i sent the heads to magnus and i will recieve new ones. best warranty ever. thanks mike and magnus broadheads. i dont have any pics but my next test i will take pics. god bless all.

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    They are tough to beat.

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    Buzzcuts are a good head

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    Swear by them!!! Great choice in BHs
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    yeah they are awsome heads

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    They are the next heads I'd like to use.
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    magnus are excellent heads

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    Do they make practice blades/heads to shoot? I would like to give them a try as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beardcollector View Post
    Do they make practice blades/heads to shoot? I would like to give them a try as well.
    no, will have to use one for the target. but mine always flew like my field points.
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    iv shot 3 differnt head then went to buzzcuts and i will stay with these. shot a buck with recurve at 25 yards and it ran 40 yards and drop got me hooked
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    Quote Originally Posted by beardcollector View Post
    Do they make practice blades/heads to shoot? I would like to give them a try as well.
    I bought a broadhead sharpening kit from 3 rivers and although pretty spendy it does allow you to practice with most any fixed broadhead and does a great job.
    My friends like it also as they are cheep and don't want to buy new broadheads but like to practice with them.

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    forgot to mention the buzzcuts tip of the head was still perfect

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    I love them. Its the only broadhead I have found that flies just like my field tips. Plus you never have to worry "Did the blades open up?". Sometimes the simplist design works the best. Plus the folks at Magnus are great to deal with.
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